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Corona virus in the capital region: incidence in Berlin exceeds 1,000 again – Berlin

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Minister Nonnemacher warns: Corona is not over yet

The Brandenburg Minister for Health, Ursula Nonnemacher (Greens), has warned against a hasty relaxation in view of the rising number of corona infections. “Corona is not over yet, even if everyone is dying to do it,” Nonnemacher said on Friday when asked. criticized the federal government’s Infection Protection Act bill. The federal states still need a corona toolbox with a mask requirement, a distance requirement, hygiene concepts, contact and access restrictions and tests, the minister said.

The Brandenburg cabinet will deal with the new regulation next Tuesday. Resolutions can only be taken at the end of the week after the Bundestag and the Bundesrat.

the Infection numbers are still at a very high level.Nonnemacher emphasized. With the spread of the omicron BA.2 subline, the number of cases has increased markedly since a few days. There are between 200 and 300 deaths related to the corona virus in Germany every day. One must not close one’s eyes to this reality, just because many are exhausted from the long pandemicNonnemacher said.

The bill that has been presented regulates what the federal states can continue to decree if, as agreed, all the far-reaching protection measures are revoked before March 20. Mask requirements in nursing homes, clinics, and local public transportation, as well as testing requirements in nursing homes and schools, should still be possible.. The mask requirement on long-distance trains and planes must also remain nationwide. If the Corona situation worsens on the site, it should be possible to impose some stricter conditions there. (dpa)

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