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Corona pandemic: France abolishes all measures

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Status: 01/08/2022 09:08

France is lifting all corona measures from today – including for travellers. There is no quarantine requirement in Austria. However, those who test positive must wear an FFP2 mask in certain situations.

Corona rules no longer apply in France today. The requirements are also no longer applicable for travelers to France. Proof of vaccine protection, a negative test or state of recovery is no longer required. Only the possibility of mandatory corona tests at national borders remains.

Until now, people entering the country either had to be fully vaccinated or be able to present a negative current corona test. For travelers from the EU and certain other countries, proof of recent infection was also accepted. If dangerous variants of the virus emerge, the government can still order travelers to present a test before boarding a plane to France.

No more quarantine in Austria

Austria is also relaxing its corona measures. To date, the quarantine obligation is a thing of the past – for now. Anyone who has tested positive for the corona virus but does not feel sick will be allowed to leave the house in the future. However, those who test positive must wear an FFP2 mask – unless they are outdoors and keeping a distance of two meters from other people. It is therefore also possible to work with a positive test. However, only in professions in which a mask can be worn.

If the antigen or PCR test is positive, an FFP2 mask must be worn if the distance from other people is less than two meters or if you gather indoors. There are also bans on entering kindergartens, nursing homes and hospitals. However, employees are excluded.

Austria removes isolation requirement

Anna Tillack, ARD Vienna, Morgenmagazin, August 1, 2022

“We are now applying traffic restrictions instead of a mandatory quarantine,” Health Minister Johannes Rauch said in Vienna last week. The decision was also made taking into account the psychological and social consequences of the Corona crisis, said Rauch. Anxiety and depression have increased worldwide. “We can’t test the pandemic, vaccinate it and isolate it,” Rauch said. In addition, there is a reporting obligation in order to keep an overview of the course of the disease.


Source www.tagesschau.de

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