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Continuous learning for a changing world

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In a rapidly developing professional world, updating knowledge is more necessary than ever. Postgraduate programs that complement a university degree are a recurring option to acquire new knowledge and skills. The European University responds to this need with different degrees designed to cover the most demanded professional sectors in the current market while helping to develop the skills of its students, from the ability to adapt or leadership to the spirit of entrepreneurship.

In its three centers in Spain (Madrid, Valencia and the Canary Islands) and through its training on-lineThe European University offers more than 120 postgraduate courses designed to be close to industry and professional reality, bringing the world of work to the student. Thanks to the agreements that offer students real work experience and are signed every year with more than 6,000 collaborating companies, they find work in 90% of cases within 18 months.

areas of expertise


The more than 120 degrees include training in physiotherapy and sports as well as the Real Madrid University School.


Through its facilities, students are trained in areas such as nursing, psychology, dentistry, nutrition and pharmacy.


The master’s degree in law prepares law graduates to practice law through a multidisciplinary education. allows them to acquire all the skills they need


Architecture, engineering and steam design graduate students later find work 93% of the time.

Source elpais.com

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