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Consumer Advocates: “Storm of Complaints” Following Electric Provider Price Hikes

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The Berlin consumer advice center is facing an “avalanche of complaints” due to price increases by two electricity providers, some of which have been significant. “Every day we receive complaints from consumers who are asked in a letter from primastrom or voxenergie to pay significantly higher deductions, sometimes more than 400 euros a month,” Hasibe Dündar, an energy law expert at the center, explained on Monday. of consumers in Berlin. Therefore, consumers should consult their special right of withdrawal.

According to the Berlin consumer center, both electricity providers belong to Primaholding GmbH, a Berlin group of companies in the energy and telecommunications sector. Consumer centers in Saxony and Lower Saxony had previously reported a large number of complaints against Primaholding’s subsidiaries.

Many consumers involuntarily terminated the two subsidiaries after their electricity provider terminated their contract. In principle, given the current high costs of purchasing electricity, the customer’s consent is required to increase deductions, the Berlin consumer advice center explained. In the case of a contractually fixed price guarantee, an increase in the discount cannot be effectively explained by reference to higher acquisition costs.

For customers without a price guarantee, consumer advocates recommend that you pay close attention to whether the price increase was formally declared correctly: this includes a transparently worded price change letter and a reference to the special right of withdrawal. Cause: As soon as a price increase is announced in a current billing period, consumers can terminate the contract. Consumer advocates also recommend filing a complaint with the Federal Network Agency.


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