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Conservative satire site The Babylon Bee was banned from Twitter for misleading a trans White House official

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US Assistant Secretary of Health Rachel Levine speaks with doctors during a visit to a children’s hospital in Columbus, Ohio, on March 2. (Alie Skowronski/The Columbus Dispatch via AP)

The conservative satirical news site The bee of Babylon has frozen his Twitter account for intentionally referring to a transgender White House official by his birth sex.

Seth Dillon, the BeeThe CEO of ‘s, shared a warning from the social network on Monday saying that the Bee he had violated their rules against “hateful conduct” and would be blocked from posting further tweets until he removed the offending content.

the BeeThe tweet from, which was still online Monday afternoon, names Dr. Levine its “Man of the Year” and links to an article that repeatedly describes her with masculine pronouns and terms.

twitter rules ban users deliberately confusing the gender of specific trans people or deliberately referring to them by their old name, known as deadnaming, on the grounds that these actions are intended to “dehumanize or demean” trans people.

It comes after Republican Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, who is leading his state’s effort to criminalize trans health care for those under the age of 18, who was also censored by Twitter for misleading Dr. Levine.

Dillon said, “We’re not going to take anything down. The truth is not hate speech. If the cost of telling the truth is the loss of our Twitter account, so be it.”

“Of course, they could delete the tweet themselves. But they won’t. It’s not enough for them to delete it. They want us to bend the knee and admit we committed hateful conduct.”

She then added: “It is the word ‘man’ that is problematic, not ‘masculine.’ They allow transgender people like Rachel Levine to be described as physically masculine, but they do not allow the conclusion that a person’s masculinity makes them a man.”

A Twitter spokesperson said foxnews: “The account you referred to as temporarily blocked for violating our hateful conduct policy. The account owner must remove the offending Tweet before regaining access to their account.”

Dr. Levine has long been a target of the American right, both in her previous position as Pennsylvania’s chief of public health during the early covid-19 pandemic and in her new job as deputy secretary of health for President Joe Biden, for which she was appointed admiral. in the US quasi-military public health corps.

The 64-year-old pediatrician began the transition in 2008 and came out as a trans woman in 2011, making her the first openly transgender government official to be confirmed by the US Senate.

Earlier this month, USA Today named her one of its twelve National Women of the Year, along with Vice President Kamala Harris and Olympic gold medalist gymnast Simone Biles, drawing the ire of Paxton and the Bee’article of s.

Paxton’s tweet was not actually removed, but rather Twitter attached a tag saying that it had violated the rules on hateful conduct but would be left online so as not to hinder public discussion of an elected official’s words.

christian Post, a non-satirical evangelical newspaper, also said his account had been frozen for a tweet that referred to Dr. Levine as male. Republican Congressman Jim Banks incurred a similar penalty last year.

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