The government can ask to be convened, but the most likely option is an extraordinary meeting at the end of August


Congress has no plan in principle to urgently convene an extraordinary plenary session to approve the so-called “Only Yes is Yes” bill and the other two bills amended by the Senate this week, contrary to what the government initially said had planned. The changes introduced in the House of Lords are forcing these projects to return to the Carrera de San Jerónimo for final approval, but at this stage everything indicates that these changes will not be discussed before the end of August.

The government factions expected the upper house to draft the organic law for the comprehensive guarantee of sexual freedom – “the law of yes is yes” -, the science law and the new bankruptcy law before the summer recess. Their plans were approved this Tuesday and Wednesday shortened by several amendments in the Senate.

Although other formulas have been explored to prevent the “Yes is Yes” law from having to return to Congress – the approved amendment changes just one letter of the text taken from the Carrera de San Jerónimo – it seems already adopted there becoming will be no other remedy.

For extraordinary sessions, the plenary can only be convened on the proposal of the government, the absolute majority of the political groups or the permanent delegation. In this case, it would be the executive branch that would solicit his call for the final Senate green light on the amended legislation.


As parliamentary sources informed Europa Press, the lower house is working in principle so that this extraordinary session will not be convened before the end of August, although a meeting with the permanent deputation is planned, the body replacing the plenary in extraordinary periods, such as the months of July and Aug.

Thus, the three laws mentioned could finally be passed in the week of August 22nd. In addition, this session would also be used for the debate on the validation of the decree with the new contribution system for the self-employed that the Council of Ministers intends to adopt next Tuesday.

The amendment to the law, promoted by the Ministry of Equality, was signed by Junts and carried out with the votes of PP, ERC, Ciudadanos, Más Madrid and the Canarian Coalition, among others.
It is an addition to the law’s preamble to make it clear that it prosecutes “the most covert sexual violence” such as forced abortion or sterilization.

The text came out of Congress and mentioned “cases of abortion and forced sterilization” as such, but Junts managed to change it
“Forced abortion and sterilization” to specify that the adjective should cover both practices and make it clear that unforced abortions cannot be considered violent.


The Senate plenum was also unable to give the final go-ahead for the new Science, Technology and Innovation Act this Tuesday. In this case, this was prevented by including an amendment from the PP, supported by ERC, Junts, PNV, Unión del Pueblo Navarro (UPN) and Vox.

Three amendments to the bankruptcy law were tabled this Wednesday, supported by the PP, the ERC and the Confederal Left, the citizens and part of the Mixed Group. This regulatory project envisages reforms in the field of insolvency in order to have flexible and effective instruments that improve insolvency procedures and facilitate the maintenance of viable companies.

It also aims to implement the European Restructuring and Insolvency Directive, a text that should have entered the Spanish legal system in July 2021. Given the impossibility of meeting this deadline, the government requested an extension for another twelve months, but it did not arrive on time this time either.

Source europapress.es

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