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Conaie denounces having shot at the vehicle in which Leonidas Iza is traveling

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The Confederation of Indigenous Nationalities of Ecuador (Conaie) denounced this afternoon that the vehicle of their organization, in which travels its president, Leonidas Iza, was shot down.

In a tweet, the images are published in which the impact of the bullet on the glass of the passenger door is clearly observed. “They hit the front window while I was parked.” It is added that Iza is fine.

“We alerted this as part of the state of emergency and the government’s belligerent attitude,” reads the social network.

At midnight today, Iza ratified the continuity of the unlimited protest she had called since last Monday against the government’s economic management and called the solution plan announced by President Guillermo Lasso “ridiculous”.

The head of Conaie, Leonidas Iza, pointed out in a message on social networks that a mobilization of peasant groups is preparing for Quito, despite the fact that this region and other Andean regions of the country are subject to the state of emergency since that date. on Saturday by the government in an effort to stop the protests.

He asked lawmakers from the Pachakutik movement, Conaie’s political arm in the National Assembly (Parliament), to propose revoking the decree on the state of emergency, which has dictatorial overtones, according to Iza.

We welcome the points on which progress is being made, even if they are ridiculous, they will be of some use”, although “the fundamental questions, President of the Republic, you do not intend to resolve them”, declared Iza.

He ratified that the demonstration will have a national scope, will be indefinite until answers are given to the main demands and will take place in the territories of each community, although delegations from the provinces will travel to Quito.

“Let’s not give the national government an excuse to impose violence,” the indigenous leader ordered to his bases, in response to the strong measures that the executive could apply by taking advantage of the state of emergency.

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