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Commentary on Pelosi in Taiwan: A model visit

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Status: 08/03/2022 18:07

Nancy Pelosi is not the first politician from a democratic country to visit Taiwan – but she is the most important to date. And even if it remains a journey of a symbolic nature, it is one of radiance.

A comment by Steffen Root, SWR

We can only congratulate Nancy Pelosi. Yes, your visit to Taiwan was symbolic. But the whole was a strong and courageous symbol. A symbol that finally gives the island republic of Taiwan the international attention it deserves.

It is part of Chinese state policy and party leadership to punish those who have more than economic relations with Taiwan. Major democratically-governed Western states have gotten into this game over the past few decades: in order not to jeopardize economic relations with the Chinese dictatorship, the legitimate interests of democratically-governed Taiwan have been largely set aside.

Members of the European Parliament have visited Taipei in recent months, as have politicians from countries such as Lithuania and the Czech Republic. But the visit of the presidents of the American House of Representatives now has real weight and that makes all the difference.

No provocation, but evidence

The Chinese government claims that Taiwan is part of the People’s Republic. Therefore, Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island is a provocation and interference in China’s internal affairs. Both are wrong: Taiwan was never part of the People’s Republic. And the fact that the speaker of the parliament of a democratic nation goes to another democratic country is not a provocation but an evidence.

Anyone who now warns against provoking China’s leadership on the Taiwan issue is making a mistake – the same mistake many Germans made for years when placating Russia. Don’t provoke those who deal with Taiwan’s 24 million democratically-ruled people, rather it is China’s communist leadership under Xi Jinping who provokes.

It has been exacerbating the Taiwanese conflict for years, regularly threatening war on its smaller neighbor and now endangering the situation in the Asia-Pacific region with ostentatious military maneuvers. Anyone who seriously believes that Chinese leaders can be deterred from their imperialist and nationalist policies by appeasing them has apparently not dealt with the history of the People’s Republic.

A good example

Going to Taiwan is not a provocation, but a significant gesture of solidarity with Taiwanese civil society. German politicians should therefore take Nancy Pelosi as an example.

It is, incidentally, a good thing that the Federal Government, in the form of Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock, has also spoken out on the subject: as far as Russia is concerned, Baerbock declared that he was not not acceptable for a large neighbor to attack a smaller one in violation of international law. In the aftermath, she added that the same is true for China. The fact that the communist leadership has now complained to the German ambassador in Beijing about this obvious statement speaks for itself.

Commentary: Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan – An important symbol

Steffen Root, SWR, 08/03/2022 4:27 PM

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