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Comment: Are we in World War III?

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A woman practices with a rifle in Ukraine (Image: REUTERS/Yuriy Rylchuk)

The debate about a no-fly zone over Ukraine is gaining momentum. And it is important – the debate. I don’t know if NATO should actively intervene. Because not all galloping arguments are convincing.

A comment from Jan Rübel

war is easy. He must be rejected. It is best to finish as soon as possible. As in Ukraine? Some say that the war was already upon us. Writer Serhidj Zhadan wrote in Der Spiegel: “Dear Europeans, don’t flatter yourself: this is not a local conflict that will end tomorrow. This is World War III.”

If this is true, a no-fly zone would be a logical step. Then the criminal liar Vladimir Putin would have to be shown limits, really like a child who has to learn not to touch the hot stove. The human civilization of Europe has come so far into the 21st century that the interaction of its states can be described as childlike behavior. But you cannot let Putin get on with his work and let the Ukrainians suffer innocently.

The view of the coffee grounds.

So it makes sense to choose words like Deniz Yücel’s. When asked about a no-fly zone, the president of the PEN writers’ association responded: “That would be a good idea, wouldn’t it?” Otherwise, there would be a risk that the Russian armed forces would bombard kyiv. “It’s not because the Ukrainians are so interested in including all of us in this war,” Yücel said. Later, the journalist revealed school wisdom: “If I hit Sasha in the face because I feel stronger (…) and then Navid comes – he is two heads taller than me – and says: ‘Leave my friend alone, Yeah? Otherwise, you’ll have to deal with me! Then I can think. Of course he has to take the risk that I’ll go a little crazy and stab him somewhere with a knife. Two heads taller than me and twice as wide, am I really going to put up with it?’ I don’t know how Putin would react to that.”

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I don’t know either. He belonged to the non-fighting faction in my schoolyards. I think, however, that the comparison with a war between two states is a bit exaggerated: in the schoolyard, the violence was often a deterrent for a few seconds, there was never a fight to the point of “destruction”; little explosions, rewind, pause, end. Meanwhile, a war is being resolved in air-conditioned rooms, with rows of numbers and anonymous chains of command. Buttons are pressed somewhere to “punch someone in the face” a hundred kilometers away.

Also think that this is not the Third World War. Not now. When Putin gave the “special operation” order from him, he must have been thinking more about taking a walk, and being allowed to get away with it internationally. Despite Putin’s gross miscalculations, the war has so far been confined to Ukraine. A “world war” looks different. You don’t have to write it. But avoid it.

indecision remains

Whether a no-fly zone is a good tool to stop military atrocities or a window into world war, I just don’t know. That does not help the Ukrainians, and the little man in the ear is already screaming all the time. But there is no clear answer for me. Yet the area needs to be talked about, even in a way that makes some men in the Kremlin nervous. determination in foreign policy. The clear decision to prioritize human rights over economic well-being. And with it an economic isolation from the warmongering country.

Anyway, Yücel caused quite a stir at PEN. No fewer than four of his predecessors as president have called for his resignation. According to the letter, with his “public strategic-military statements” he violated the international PEN charter, a charter that feels “committed to the ideal of a humanity that lives in peace.”

But Yücel only helped stimulate a necessary debate. We can’t get around them. Calling him to resign is too vehement.

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