“A microphone stand”
Comedy show gets a lot of head shaking

Moderator Teddy Teclebrhan (left)

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But no new “LOL”: Amazon’s new comedy show “One Mic Stand” with Teddy Teclebrhan is disappointing many viewers.

It was supposed to be the sequel to the popular hit “LOL: Last One Laughing”. On July 15, Amazon Prime Video launched One Mic Stand. Non-comedians like Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (59, SPD) or footballer Mats Hummels (33) are trained in comedy by experts in their field like Harald Schmidt (64) or Torsten Sträter (55 year). Teddy Teclebrhan (38) moderated. A good and exciting concept, everyone agrees. Also tested in other countries. But the execution made the majority of viewers shake their heads.

At Amazon, “One Mic Stand” received a rating of just 2.4 stars out of a possible 5. “Actually, you can cut off the first 2/3 and just watch the appearance of the prominent person,” writes one user. “However, the gags aren’t funny. Typically German shameful humor or gags that just don’t have the element of surprise or sayings that are supposed to be gags but aren’t.”

Another Amazon user is smaller. He writes only “garbage”.

Artificial laughter causes irritation

On Twitter too, the content is mostly negative. An observer found it “extremely bad” despite being an avowed fan of Teddy Teclebrhan. The laughter from the audience in the room, cut out of context and carelessly inserted in supposedly funny places, angered several fans.

Other voices also criticize Teddy. “Unfortunately I don’t find it funny at all and the singing interludes have only increased the airtime or it just seems that way to me,” wrote one user. “If you remove Teddy and the voices from all the episodes, there’s not much left.”

Like a “sham” describes a Twitterer the show that can’t decide whether it wants to be a personality show about Teddy Teclebrhan or a behind-the-scenes look at comedy.


Source www.gala.de

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