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Colombian influencer accused of wanting to eat for free at Mexican restaurant tells critics she enjoys ‘gossip’ as she has gained more followers

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Manuela Gutiérrez went from a little-known ‘influencer’ to word of mouth after Mexican chef, Édgar Núñez, exposed her on his social media with harsh messages for offering a food swap, for her and her little one. friend, to change advertising on your account on Instagram

“I didn’t know that drinking for free was a job,” wrote Édgar Núñez on his Twitter account @EdgarNunezM. His message sparked a whole debate about the role of these new “influencers”.

Núñez is known for his criticism of the role of “influencers”because it considers that its effectiveness is nil in attracting customers.

“An influencer is not someone who makes you buy something, an influencer is someone who changes your life, helps you and improves you without receiving anything in return. My first influencer was my father and I am only interested in being my daughters influencer Say, who is your favorite influencer? Nunez.

But far from being offended, Manuela Gutiérrez, based in Medellín, Colombia, shared an answer in her Instagram stories in which she avoided fueling the controversy at all times.

In principle, “I have never called myself an influencer, I prefer to call it a content creator (…) I have never written directly to the chef, I have written to the restaurant because the truth is, and I continue to support it, it seems to me an incredible restaurant” Gutiérrez pointed out that after becoming a viral topic, thanks to the attacks of chef Édgar Núñez, he gained more than 20,000 new followers.

“I wanted to go there, I saw it, the restaurant looked nice to me… I know you don’t agree with these forms of work, but the reality is that many content creators pay for what we do, but also many times it’s normal that we go to them and exchange advertising”, explains Manuela with a smile.

Mariana’s apology to the Mexican chef

Manuela Gutiérrez has never attacked the chef, rather she feels his exposure has been good for his name.

“I fully understand that not everyone’s tactics work… If I offended that boss by telling him that, the truth is I apologize… everyone wins, no guy publicity is bad, new people have arrived who don’t know me, beautiful people who send me good comments,” he said.

“I don’t think I did anything wrong in any way, I was just making a proposal, if he took it badly, it was not my intention (…) I accept that I am not a sweet expert to please everyone,” added the young woman, who admits to being in love with the beauties of Mexico and its culture.

The Colombian influencer accused of wanting to eat for free at a Mexican restaurant has told her detractors that she enjoys “gossiping” because she has gained more followers.

“With all my heart I say to you that the world needs more love, there are many of these people who are filled with hate in the world, please peace and love. Understand that the only ones to take advantage of this gossip are the chef, the restaurant and me…”, he concluded, specifying that this whole affair has served everyone to attract new followers.

Source metroecuador.com

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