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‘Coda’ precedes the Oscars with an important award

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The Hollywood Producers Association on Saturday honored independent film “Coda” as the best film of the year, boosting its chances of winning an Oscar.

The awards presented by the Producers Guild of America, which includes some 8,000 film professionals they consider Hollywood’s decision-makers, are a relatively reliable indicator of which works are likely to win Academy Awards. the 27th of March.

Adapted from the French film “La Famie Pelletier” by Eric Lartigue, “Coda” tells the story of a high school student named Ruby, whose passion for music and her desire to stay at home help her parents and her deaf brother connect. with the rest.

Deaf actors play the main roles. The title of the film consists of the acronym Child of a deaf adult, which refers to the children of deaf adults.

And Koda, who was provided by Apple TV+ and won first prize at the SAG Awards in late February, is in a good position to compete with the movie most likely to win an Oscar, Jane’s “Ze Power of Z Dog.” Champion. Produced by Netflix.

“I have always been drawn to stories full of humanity,” said French producer Philippe Roussolet, co-producer of “CODA,” upon accepting the award. “This is a sign that there is still hope” in the world.

Deaf actress Marley Matlin, who plays Robbie’s mother, explained that “in music, Koda means the end of a musical part within a piece,” continuing, “It’s fantastic to see the audience embrace our film and it’s fantastic let us be the history.”

“Incanto” won best animated film, also boosting its chances of picking up an Oscar on Tuesday.

“Summer of Soul” added a new achievement to the awards it had already won as best documentary. This film, the first for the musician Questloff, is about the Black Woodstock Festival, which was held in Harlem in 1969.

In television terms, HBO’s “Saxtion” took home the award for Best Television Drama Series.

Director and producer George Lucas was awarded the “Producers Guild of America” ​​​​award for his entire career, and one of his most outstanding seasons is “Star Wars” (“Star Wars”). Lucas received the award from fellow director and friend Steven Spielberg, who described him as “my brother.”

Lucas shares the Milestone Award with Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, now Disney.


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