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Coastal people “shiver” with cold because of the trade winds

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The phenomenon of The girl, According to the Institute of Hydrology and Meteorology (Inamhi), it causes the sensation of cold in several places on the coast Ecuadorian with temperatures lower than usual for this period.

Auroras and very cold nights perceive the Town of this part of the country, even because of climate change, there is increased respiratory conditions such as the flu and changes in clothing habits.

“We even have to change the sheets, we use duvets at night because the cold is unbearable”comments Karen Tomalá, originally from Guayaquil.

“At home, we all have the flu, because it’s too cold, we’re not used to these temperatures,” explains Pablo Castro, a father.

During the last week of night, when the cold is felt more, Salinas (Santa Elena) recorded lower temperatures 22°C; Santa Rosa (El Oro), 23°C. In Guayaquil (Guayas) it fell to 21°C, Manta (Manabí) to 26°C and Machala to 21°C.

According to Inamhi’s explanation, this phenomenon is due to the low temperature of the sea due to La Niña and the persistence of the trade winds from the south of the continent.

What are the trade winds?

The environmentalist Leonardo Uvilla explains that trade winds are wind currents that blow almost continuously in summer in the northern hemisphere and are more irregular in winter.

“Its influence occurs between the equator and the tropics, and the north-south latitude reaches around 30º. These are moderately strong winds, with an average wind speed of around 20 km/h,” he shares. .

The trade winds have important influences in several countries such as Venezuela, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Costa Rica; they all come from tropical regions.

The months of August and September are the coldest, due to the entry of masses of cold and dry air from the south of the continent due to the ventilation of the South Pacific High (APS) in the atmosphere, according to the Inamhi.

East Freak allows the rains to subside. And the other factor that influences the temperature drop.

The cold that is felt in Guayaquil has made the rounds of the networks. Thousands of users commented and joked about the city’s weather.

“I’m going to take out my leather jacket, the one I only wear when I’m traveling in the mountains. You cannot imagine the cold of Guayaquil “, user @mechecitaC wrote on Twitter

“I’m sorry, but Guayaquil without the sun is not Guayaquil. It’s boring this cold”, reacted the user @hugibosquez.

Source metroecuador.com

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