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Clinics are preparing for Ukrainian patients


Lower Saxony and Bremen
Clinics are preparing for Ukrainian patients

Capacities are sometimes low, but clinics in the north are doing their best to prepare for patients from Ukraine. Cases have already arrived at some hospitals.

Hanover/Göttingen/Bremen (dpa/lni) – Large hospitals in Lower Saxony and Bremen are preparing to receive patients from Ukraine. Until now, these are mainly individual cases that are sent to German clinics through specialized societies. Some affected people are already there.

The Hannover Medical School (MHH) currently cares for two children from Ukraine in oncology, which specializes in cancer diseases. “As MHH, we are ready to treat patients from Ukraine, especially in the fields of pediatric oncology, pediatric surgery and neurosurgery,” a spokesperson for the clinic said. Contact with patients is made directly between hospitals, through specialized networks and societies, and through individual contacts between doctors and nurses. Therefore, no special preparation is necessary.

According to its own statements, the Göttingen University Medical Center (UMG) has also offered to take in the wounded or sick from Ukraine. Therefore, contact is also made here through special professional societies or through the state government of Lower Saxony. “The decision will be made according to the respective capacities of beds that exist or may be vacated,” said a UMG spokesman. So far, patients with tumor diseases have already been admitted, where the existing treatments are continued. According to the information, this applies to both adults and children. So far these have been isolated cases.

The Bremer Klinikverband Gesundheit Nord (Geno) is basically prepared to accept patients from Ukraine, as a Geno spokeswoman said. Although capacities are limited, “if help is needed, we will be able to organize it,” the spokeswoman said. In order to be able to serve an increasing number of patients in a short time, the crisis teams would remain active. According to Geno, the structures were originally established to deal with the corona pandemic. Currently, no Ukrainian patients are being treated in Bremen hospitals. Consultations are not yet available.


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