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Climate activists block roads in government district

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Several activists from the group “Last Generation” blocked streets in the government district of Berlin on Friday afternoon. This was announced by the group itself at noon, and photos of the protest circulated on social networks. During the protest, four activists hit the ground on Ebertstraße at the Brandenburg Gate. The police were there and tried to free the demonstrators trapped with sunflower oil from the ground.

A policeman tries to loosen the stuck hand of a “Last Generation” activist from the asphalt with sunflower oil.Photo: Christian Mang/Reuters

According to the group, the reason for the protest is “the 100 days of the new government.” Activists described the government’s balance sheet as “shocking”. “Despite the advancement of the climate crisis and now a war financed by oil and gas exports, the traffic light coalition has so far done nothing that can prevent climate catastrophe, even the plan presented for 2035/45 is insufficient” , write “Last Generation ” in your message.

In doing so, they are fueling deadly fossil fuel and knowingly destroying the livelihoods of their fellow citizens, activists continue.

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The Berlin traffic information center (ViZ) announced on Friday morning that the group had announced a protest with “mass blockades” on several streets. Therefore, ViZ recommended using local public transport or a bicycle.

Earlier in the year, the group had staged protest blockades in Berlin and other German cities on several occasions, including on motorways. From January 24 to February 18, the police recorded 45 blockades with protesters sitting down and recorded. This was followed by some blockades and attempts on highways, at various German airports and at the port of Hamburg. At the beginning of March the actions were paralyzed for the moment because of the war in Ukraine. The blockades in Berlin gave rise to more than 270 criminal charges and around 120 charges of administrative offences. (teaspoon/dpa)

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