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Civil Guards explain tomorrow in the AN in one of the final moves of the investigation into the CDR

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Although the investigation has been completed, the Trial Chamber has granted this request for a defense “in extremis”.


Civil Guards who took part in the investigation into the so-called “Operation Judas” will testify this Monday before the National Court (AN) about one of the final fringes of the investigation into the thirteen members of the Republican Defense Committee (CDR ), to whom they are accused of affiliation belong to a terrorist organization and/or be prosecuted for possession of explosives.

The head of the Central Court No. 6, Manuel García Castellón, brought charges against them in September 2021, but the criminal chamber followed the request of one of the defense lawyers, who considered it necessary to interrogate these Civil Guards because they had taken part in the investigations against them placed one step away from the bench.

Thus, in a February 11 car, the Second Section of the Trial Chamber ordered the judge to summon the Civil Guard, who finally testified this Monday from 10:00 am, according to legal sources consulted by Europa Press.

The Chamber understood that “although, as indicated by the prosecution and the court, the investigators should give priority to the right of the party to obtain information useful for their defense at this procedural moment, as an integral part of their right of defense reflected in the process and documented in their certificates”.

As stated in the said resolution, the actions of the investigating officers in this process are of “unique importance”, especially when the case is “without a specific defining criminal offense which is the focus of the investigation and which concerns the… Actions of various ascribed investigators turns to their incorporation into a nascent terrorist organization”.

A “terrorist organization”

In the indictment, the judge stated that the defendants were actively involved in some of the “most violent actions” the CDRs have ever undertaken, such as cutting roads, erecting toll barriers, or pouring oil on the section of the C -55, through which the procession was to pass that brought the convicts of the “Procés” from the Lledoners prison to Madrid.

They also have ambitious plans. Specifically, they accepted the order they received from the so-called “Catalan CNI” to provide the necessary logistical infrastructure to occupy the Parliament of Catalonia, to defend it after its capture and to stay there for at least a week.

In this sense, they had formed “a terrorist organization” of a “clandestine and stable” nature, the aim of which would be “to carry out violent actions or attacks against pre-selected targets using explosives and/or incendiary materials manufactured in the two secret laboratories , which the organization itself had set up in two private houses”.

Source europapress.es

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