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Civil Defense warns of a high risk of fire, exacerbated by storms and temperatures of 40C and coastal winds

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The General Directorate of Civil Protection and Emergencies has warned of the high risk of forest fires throughout the weekend in most parts of the peninsula, to which must be added the risk of storms and high temperatures that can reach or exceed 40ºC in several areas of Spain and which in turn, increase the chances of success of the fire. Also, notify the Canary Islands as there may be a strong sea storm over the weekend.

Thus, this suggests that temperatures close to or above 40ºC will continue to prevail in large parts of the Peninsula and Balearic Islands this Friday and Saturday, with particular occurrence on Saturday in the Ebro Valley the expected northern half of the peninsula, which may increase the risk of fire.

However, according to AEMET forecasts, temperatures will drop significantly on Sunday, but until then Civil Defense advises limiting sun exposure, avoiding prolonged physical activity in the middle of the day and drinking plenty of water or fluids; Eat light and regular meals rich in water and mineral salts, and wear light-colored clothing, protect your head, and cover as much skin as possible.

To these recommendations he adds the convenience of staying in well-ventilated places and avoiding extensive physical exercise in the middle of the day, as well as his concern for the elderly and the sick and those living alone or in isolation.

He also emphasizes that high temperatures increase the risk of forest fires and therefore urges that special attention be paid to the Autonomous Community’s fire prevention regulations and the authorized deadlines for burning stubble.

Likewise, he asks to avoid cigarettes, rubbish and especially glass bottles that create a magnifying glass effect with the sun, and to remember that a large proportion of forest fires are caused by negligence and that it is forbidden to light fires or bonfires in the mountains and near country.

Likewise, it is recommended to only camp in approved areas as these have safeguards against a possible fire and evacuation is easier. If you spot the fire early on, insist on calling 112 immediately and avoid entering the mountain or forest in case the fire catches you by surprise.

In this case, Civil Protection insists that you always cross clearly visible and fuel-free areas and always follow the instructions of the competent authorities.

Faced with the threat of storms, the civil defense points out that the greatest danger to people is mainly in open fields, although there is also a risk of lightning in urban centers, so it is expedient to line up near buildings to protect yourself.

In residential buildings, it is advisable to avoid drafts and reminds the driver that a closed vehicle can be a good shelter. If a storm catches you by surprise, it is advisable to avoid running and stay in high places such as hilltops, ridges or dividing lines, avoid sheltering under trees and stay away from wire fences and metal objects.

Finally, given the risk of coastal winds in the Canary Islands this weekend, Civil Protection is asking everyone staying in marine areas to stay away from beaches and other low places that could be affected by the high tides and waves that normally arise in the Canary Islands in the face of strong winds.

It is also recommended to avoid parking vehicles in areas that may be affected by the waves, since in these situations the sea takes on exceptional conditions, sweeping away anyone who is near the sea and not in front of the spectacular images Strong waves can endanger life.

Source europapress.es

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