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Ciudadanos collapses in Andalusia and Marín resigns

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The worst scenario for Ciudadanos has happened: nothing. The party in the region, led by Juan Marín, did not win any seats in this Sunday’s elections, falling at both regional and national levels. Despite efforts by the Cs candidate and incumbent Vice President of the Board to reiterate that the polls would reverse the polls, reality has given Citizens a face that has been erased from the Andalusian map. The party, which achieved a triumphant result in 2018 with 21 MPs – with 18.27% support and 660,000 votes – and has since governed in coalition with the PP, has plummeted to 3.29% and around 120.00 supports in these regional elections. Marín took responsibility for the goal and resigned after the review. “I put myself in the service of my party as another member of the grassroots. You have to enter politics with dignity and leave with dignity,” stressed Marín during his performance, after which he burst into tears.

The candidate of the Cs had already announced in this election campaign that he would abandon the policy of not achieving a favorable result, which meant for education to get about three seats and get at least five MPs in the PP or its own group. Marín has fulfilled his promise after confirming that Ciudadanos will disappear from the Andalusian parliament. Yes, the candidate will remain acting vice president until the new government is formed.

“I honestly believe that we did very well in all areas, but we didn’t achieve it. And the time has simply come to let other colleagues take responsibility,” said Marín, visibly concerned, at the Hotel NH Collection in Seville, from where he followed the examination as spokesman together with several members of the party leadership Edmundo Bal in Congress; Communications Minister Daniel Pérez and campaign manager and deputy Miguel Gutiérrez. In 2018, former leader of Cs Albert Rivera accompanied Marín in the same place and with a very different result. Today the leader of the party, Inés Arrimadas, stayed in Madrid and avoided the defeat photo.

Since inception, they had spent days getting the message across that internal polls pointed to an “up” election to get rid of the “tag of the dead” that would keep their hypothetical voters from getting a doomed ballot choose failure. However, members of the cast secretly joked about his possible disappearance. A disappearance that materialized this Sunday. The Popular Party, which in 2018 had the worst result in its history in Andalusia with just 27 MPs and is now caressing an absolute majority, has completely eaten up the votes of those who backed Ciudadanos at the time, according to the latest published polls.

Marín began the campaign by highlighting the work the five councilors had done in government, with portfolios as important as employment or the economy. And in this line his speech and that of the other leaders was maintained. “We stood up for Juanma. Marín should have distanced himself more from him in the debates and not relied so much on Olona. People are already very nervous because there are many civil servants in the party who are unemployed,” says a member of the leadership, who criticized the intervention of the Cs candidate during both debates for not going directly against the chairman of the board and remind him that the data that the PP candidate suspected, such as the fall in unemployment or the economic acceleration, were the responsibility of Ciudadanos.

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Atmosphere in the hotel where Ciudadanos watched the election night. It is the moment when Marín announces his retirement.Javier M Zapata

Other party circles and those close to Marín claim that, despite Sunday’s disastrous result, they are “calm” and “proud” of the work done at San Telmo Palace, accusing the PP of being better at “selling” the “successes” the coalition government because they are committed to them “Marketing” instead of managing. From Ciudadanos, they refuse to accept the disappearance of the party and appeal to the 3,000 or so mayors whom Cs offers as an excuse to confirm that the formation is still alive. Ciudadanos has nine MPs in Congress. Disunited voices are calling for a “rethinking” of the situation after this new coup. Marín did not want to attribute the debacle in Andalusia to the party’s deep crisis.

The crash of Ciudadanos in Andalusia adds to the chain of electoral defeats suffered by the Arrimadas party in recent months. It happened back in February in Castilla y León, where they kept at least Francisco Igea’s seat. Or in the Autonomous Community of Madrid, where orange has also disappeared from the drawing of the Autonomous Assembly. Cs Andalusia has not been able to stem the effects of the negative whirlwind sweeping the national brand, badly vilified by the ongoing electoral debacle and the abandonment of party positions. In Andalusia, several former autonomy MPs have also announced that they will leave the formation after the elections have been called. Those who remained loyal to Marín enveloped the vice president and fired him with loud applause while the loser left in tears.

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