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Christian Nodal and Cazzu: The clues by which we think they have a relationship

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nodal christian He gave a lot to say this year and it is that since he ended his relationship with Belindawas implicated in several scandals.

In early June, the Mexican regional singer had a falling out with J Balvin, who mocked his new see and refers to his interruption with the interpreter of “Light without gravity”. Nodal promised to respond to the provocation with a new song, as he has done in other situations before. Things continued to escalate with more teasing and insults between the two.

He has also been heavily criticized for expose a private Whatssap conversation with Belinda, in which you read how she asks for money to fix her teeth. Likewise, he said that his mother indirectly attacked him in the networks.

Now, the “Botella After Bottle” singer is once again in the eye of the storm with what appears to be a new romance with the Argentine rapper. Cazzu.

Despite the performer ruling out a romance, fans believe there’s “something more” between the two than just friendship or collab on the doorstep. These are some of the clues they picked up from the couple.

They were captured together holding hands and even kissing in Bolivia

Cazzu accompanied Christian Nodal to his concert in Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia. Through social media, footage was leaked to where they can be seen holding hands, until at some point they were giving a few kisses before the concert.

A few days ago, the rapper had a conversation with EXA, in which she assured that she was not thinking of a relationship: “I just went to see the show and suddenly we were singing together and we really sang my favorite song (If you miss someone) and I really like their music”, said.

This isn’t the first time Cazzu and Christian Nodal have been spotted together

Previously, the Mexican shared a few palenques with Argentina. Also, a few days before the trip to Bolivia, they were caught romantically strolling in Antigua, Guatemala.

Nodal shared videos of Argentina’s presentations

The regional performer shared a behind-the-scenes video to his Instagram Stories of the “Maleficent” performer while offering a concert in Barcelona.

Although neither of them spoke more about it, the reactions of the fans were divided because while some congratulated them because “they make a beautiful couple”, others kept pointing the finger at Nodal for “not not know how to be alone”.

Although Cazzu has only been in the music industry for a short time, she has already been nominated for major awards such as the latin grammyThe MTV Europe Music Awardsthe MTVs Millennium Prize, Martín Fierro and the Gardel Awards as Best Musical Artist, Best New Artist, Best American Artist and Viral Artist.

Source metroecuador.com

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