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Chris Hemsworth or Ryan Reynolds: Stars thanks to the platforms or when the Netflix algorithm drives careers

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Chris Hemsworth was this nice, hyper-muscled Australian actor, partnered with Spanish actress Elsa Pataky and hired to put a face to the god Thor in the Marvel Universe a decade ago. One more, in a generation full of them (Pratt, Evans, Pine). Today it has become one of the most popular species on the planet. And not just to embody the son of Odin. A look at the Netflix menu gives more clues: it’s become the protagonist of the platform’s action cinema, with faster and cheaper filming in Asia taking advantage of the fact that Hemsworth lives in Australia. The Netflix algorithm loves him and he lets himself be loved. Hemsworth is one of the examples of the shift in the interpretive ecosystem: Some actors don’t need the big screen to rake in huge fees and be stars. It goes beyond the classic film-television confrontation: the current pull of Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds, the Sandra Bullock revival and the popularity of Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Centineo would be incomprehensible without the triumph of digital platforms.

Hemsworth was in the right place at the right time: with him Tyler Rake It arrived on Netflix in April 2020 and became the detention action film. And from a comic book adaptation, filmed with little pretense in India and Thailand, it became a worldwide hit (the second part has already been filmed). He also gave his war film a second life, now digital 12 brave (2018). This Friday, Hemsworth appears twice on the cover of the platform: Premieres spider head and participates as a producer interceptor, which debuted on Netflix last week and stars his wife Elsa Pataky (Hemsworth appears in a shot in support). Both are based on the best possible conditions for post-Covid filming: the action takes place indoors (this reduces costs and controls contacts); and apart from the leading two or three names, the rest are unknown actors. That means small budgets but the appearance of a great production. This week, the red N pays homage to Hemsworth.

Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot and Ryan Reynolds in Red Alert.

A similar thing happened with Ryan Reynolds: from funny actor to platform star. The last two releases strictly adhere to the rules of the algorithm: in The Adam Project starred in a science fiction story with philosophical airs and in red alert shared the limelight in a thriller international spy with dwayne The stone Johnson and Gal Gadot. Always under the protection of highly professional directors with no creative vanity, in a measured cocktail of jokes, brawls, drone footage and elaborate car chases.

Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things.

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Neither of them were megastars, nor do they have any interpretative flexibility among their arms. However, they are popular: if Hemsworth is the face of Thor, Gadot brings Wonder Woman to life. And that’s where his advertising base was born. Other platform stars haven’t fared as well on the reverse journey. They crashed when they jumped onto the big screen. Who are you Rege Jean Page Outside The Bridgertons (Netflix) and Claire Foy afterwards The crown (HBO/BBC)? Their careers have not started. That’s why actors like Tom Ellis never leave shows like this Lucifer (Netflix). They are used to pay bills. Also, old cinema greetings have yielded to the manna of the algorithm: Sandra Bullock has been revived thanks to the film blindly (2018), which remains one of the most watched on Netflix; Jennifer Anniston found her relaunch with the series The morning show on Apple TV, and comedian Adam Sandler signed an agreement to star in six films with Netflix, which he renewed for four more just before the pandemic: he premiered one of them seven days ago. Claw.

The new rich on the platforms

The list forbes leaves no room for doubt. At least, the last one released in mid-2021. It ranks the highest-paid actors by their salaries (it doesn’t count film box office or advertising revenue), and it was directed by Daniel Craig. Thanks to the two sequels of daggers in the back that he is preparing with Netflix will earn 100 million dollars (96 million euros). In second place is Dwayne Johnson with $50 million that Amazon received for it renewed, which will appear next year. Third Will Smith – it was pre-slap days – with 40m (€38.2m) for Williams method (from Warner and HBO Max). The first actress on the list is Jennifer Lawrence, seventh with Don’t look up That earned him $25 million, paying Netflix and tying Julia Roberts another $25 million for the family drama leave the world behind another one from Netflix. You have to rank ninth to find the highest salary paid by a Hollywood studio, not a platform, in the past year: Paramount paid Sandra Bullock $20 million to play the lead The Lost City. What about Tom Cruise, the man who claims he would never work for him? stream? Through Top Gun: Maverick he received $13 million (12.4 million euros), although as a producer he will take a good pinch at the box office. Of the new generations, only Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart seem to be extending this unwavering commitment to theater.

Daniel Craig in Daggers in the Back.

In Spain, there are no actors with enough hooks to grab the box office, but one of the major Hispanic audiovisual producers points out: “If an interpreter is in a series for a general TV channel, he can earn up to 20,000 euros per episode ; if it’s for a platform, it will reach 50,000. More than double.

While Disney+ prioritizes its intellectual property — a work, concept, or character from which all sorts of films and series can be developed (in its case, the Marvel Universe and Star Wars), Netflix spoils actors born under its roof. Of stranger things Millie Bobby Brown was born, who stars in the saga alongside the series Enola Holmes, in which she plays the little sister of Britain’s most famous detective. And in his catalog of romantic comedy queens Noah Centineo: The perfect date, Sierra Burgess is a loser, the three parts of the saga To all the boys… Will Centineo leave the platform now that they are experiencing a subscriber crisis? Amid possible doubts, his next series bears the tentative title Untitled Noah Centineo/Netflix Spy Project.

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