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Chris Hemsworth: His kids and other celebrities star in new Thor movie

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Hollywood news in the GALA ticker: Chis Hemsworth filmed with his children in the new film “Thor” +++ Ben Affleck’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner was angry because of the car accident of her son +++ Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband has married a fifth time.

Hollywood News 2022 in the GALA ticker

June 30, 2022

Chris Hemsworth Reveals His and Natalie Portman’s Kids Star in New ‘Thor’ Movie

Chris Hemsworth, 38, received some sweet support while filming his new movie Thor: Love & Thunder. The actor has three children with Elsa Pataky, 45, twins Tristan and Sasha, 8, and daughter India, 10. As Hemsworth revealed in an interview with Kevin McCarthy, which the reporter shared on Twitter, two of his children were allowed to have a small role-play in the new “Marvel” adventure. “It’s really cool. They really wanted to be there,” the Aussie said proudly.

And that’s not all: the children of his colleagues Taika Waititi, 46, Christian Bale, 48, and Natalie Portman, 41, also made their little big appearance in the blockbuster. “It was like a fun family experience,” concluded Chris Hemsworth. “I loved it. They had so much fun.”

June 29, 2022

Angry with Ben Affleck? Here’s how Jennifer Garner reacted to her son’s accident

On June 26, 2022, Ben Affleck, 49, and Jennifer Lopez, 52, saw a car at the 777 Exotics luxury car dealership in Los Angeles. During the test drive, Ben’s 10-year-old son Samuel was allowed to sit in the driver’s seat of the beloved Lamborghini – and quickly crashed backwards into a parked car, as reported reported “Daily Mail”. Now, a source tells HollywoodLife how Samuel’s mother, Ben’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner, 50, reportedly reacted to the incident. Above all, she was “grateful that no one was hurt”.

However, she didn’t quite understand why Ben had left their son behind the wheel. “Jen wasn’t happy when she found out Ben was letting her son drive. […] She knows how dangerous it was and how it could have ended very badly,” the source continued. Ben was also reportedly annoyed by his own irresponsibility and immediately apologized to Garner. Hopes Ben and Samuel fired a lesson from it all.”

Sandra Bullock’s ex-husband Jesse James married for the fifth time

Sandra Bullock, 57, and presenter Jesse James, 53, walked down the aisle in 2005. When it emerged in 2010 that James had cheated on the actress on several occasions, a divorce followed. The “The Blind Side” actress has enjoyed a happy relationship with photographer Bryan Randall for several years now. And Jesse James is back – and now married for the fifth time.

He said yes to his new companion, former porn actress Alaina Hicks, 29, aka Bonnie Rotten, on June 25, 2022. On his Instagram account, the 53-year-old man shares several pictures of the intimate ceremony which took place unfolded in his garden. One clip shows Alaina walking down the aisle in her lace wedding dress, while other snaps show the couple at the wedding ceremony. “Best day of my life,” he wrote.

June 28, 2022

Ewan McGregor: “Bombshell” – The separation from his wife was destructive

Ewan McGregor, 51, is a burn child. The “Trainspotting” star was arrested in 2017 along with his affair, actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead, 37. A world has fallen apart for his wife Eve Mavrakis, 56, and their children Clara Mathilde, 26, Jamyan, 21, Esther Rose, 20 and Anouk, 11. McGregor’s eldest daughter called her father’s lover “trash” and wasn’t afraid to swear at Ewan. Looking back, he says today: “A divorce in a family is a bomb that explodes in everyone’s life – in the life of my children. Apparently the wound is still deep: “This kind of healing is happening,” the Briton told ‘GQ’.

McGregor had been married to Eve Mavrakis for 22 years when he and Mary Elizabeth sparked a spark. In 2020, his wife divorced. Two years later, he married the actress. The same year, the couple had their 1-year-old son Laurie. With his daughter Clara, a rapprochement has taken place since. Ewan even had a role in the movie You Sing Loud, I Sing Louder, which the 26-year-old wrote and starred in. This is the story of a father who takes his daughter to rehab and is based on Sharing Clara’s therapeutic experiences to help her deal with her addiction to prescription drugs. At first I was a little nervous – I didn’t know what that meant. I sat down to read it and was blown away. It was a great story about us,” says McGregor. A story that covers nothing. “There are things that are not accurate or twisted – but they still sometimes reflect our estrangement. Her daughter later took credit for her remarks. Winstead apologizes and says it wasn’t his “finest hour”. It seems that a cure has been found.

New images show Johnny Depp relaxed at the airport

Johnny Depp, 59, looks relieved and relieved after the move he made with his ex-wife Amber Heard, 36. After more than two years, he is back to work. The Hollywood star was spotted by paparazzi at Paris airport after trying on a costume for a new movie. In the strip of French director and screenwriter Maïwenn Le Besco, 46, he would play the role of Louis XV. to resume.

Photos published, among others, by the “Daily Mail”., show the actor in a light fringed jacket, black jeans and boots with a hat and sunglasses. With a relaxed smile, he heads for the airport. His new style is particularly striking: Depp is clean-shaven and wears his hair in braids.

June 27, 2022

Ben Affleck’s son Samuel was in a car accident aged 10

The shock was probably big: Ben Affleck, 49, and Jennifer Lopez, 52, actually just wanted to see a car at the 777 Exotics luxury car dealership in Los Angeles on June 26. During the test drive, the Hollywood star then left his 10-year-old son Samuel, who was also allowed to inspect the expensive car, behind the wheel.

And then it happened: The actor’s offspring reversed into a parked BMW in the bright yellow $225,000 Lamborghini. On the photos, the “Daily Mail” are available, you can see that Jennifer was sitting behind Samuel in the car. Ben wasn’t in the outrageously expensive car at the time. The low-speed collision does not appear to have caused any visible damage to either vehicle. There were also no injuries, as 777 Exotics was able to confirm to the American portal “TMZ”. Ben Affleck will certainly think twice about when and if he lets his son take the driver’s seat…

Adele: Replacement dates still not set

Adele fans are eagerly awaiting alternate dates for her Weekends with Adele show, which was scheduled to take place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas during the months of January through April. However, at the end of January this year, she posted an Instagram video and tearfully explained that the show had to be postponed due to the pandemic.

Then, at the end of last week, the entertainer posted an Instagram post detailing his show’s lineup in Hyde Park next week. Many fans reacted with little enthusiasm in the comments of the post, as they still hope in vain for the replacement dates to be announced. One user wrote: “Are you kidding me? And you’re still not talking about Vegas? I’m disappointed with you. A clear appeal against the singer.

Lily James: a striking ring adorns her finger

Lily James, 33, appears to be taking another big step in her relationship with partner Michael Shuman, 36. As reported by the Daily Mail, the actress and Queens of the Stone Age bassist were spotted at Glastonbury Festival in Somerset over the weekend. The gold ring that adorned Lily’s left ring finger was striking.

The relationship between Lily and Michael has been well known since last year. As early as August 2021, there were engagement rumors between the two. At the time, Lily was spotted wearing a flashy ring while on a trip to Disneyland. While the rumors were denied at the time, it remains to be seen whether the engagement rumors will be confirmed this time around.

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