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Chiquito de la Calzada already has its traffic light in Málaga: “Attack!”


Chiquito de la Calzada already has its traffic lights in Malaga. A traffic light 2.5 meters high, so special that the red light for pedestrians is accompanied by the voice of the famous comedian from Malaga: “¡¡Quiet place! I’m giving you a ticket that even Perry Mason won’t take away from you. Relax!”. The green one too. When it’s their turn, the message prompts them to cross the street: “¡¡let’s go! Attack! Now! The horse that comes out of the bonanza”. In both cases, the usual figure of a person standing or walking has been replaced with LED lights with the profile of the artist bending his legs and moving his arms with the unique movements that have made him famous throughout Spain. It was placed on Tomás Echevarría street, in the Huelin district, near the house where Gregorio Sánchez, the artist’s real name, lived in the last years of his life. “Thank you for mixing technology with humor and making it last,” said his nephew Juan Tomás Sánchez. “I realize how important my uncle was to everyone, not just as a character but as a person,” he emphasized.

The signal has a 40 second red phase and a 60 second red phase, but is for decorative purposes only. Málaga City Council ruled that it could not direct traffic for safety reasons after its technicians analyzed the case – among other things because “it would confuse people with visual impairments by emitting sounds different from the tones that are normally heard be used by customized traffic lights”. according to municipal sources—. It includes a system for changing the volume so that the comedian’s words and expressions do not disturb the residents of the area during quiet hours. Numerous members of the municipal body attended its inauguration this morning, including Mayor Francisco de la Torre, who stressed that Chiquito was “an unrepeatable person” and that it was a “moral responsibility” to place this traffic light. Many residents of the area west of the capital Málaga also attended the event.

Traffic light Chiquito de la Calzada in Malaga.

It was the consistory that pushed the design, execution and installation of the traffic light to United We Can for Malaga – bringing together Podemos, Izquierda Unida and Alianza Verde – start an initiative to create a tourist route focused on the comedian figure. This was approved last spring. Therefore, it was decided to carry out a number of activities such as: B. the realization of a mural in the neighborhood of La Trinidad – where he was born – or the installation of commemorative plaques in places linked to the artist. These include the Pasaje Chinitas, the Juan Breva Flamenco Club, the artist’s birthplace and the Church of San Pablo, where his ashes rest. The proposal also included placing a traffic light near the home where he spent much of his life with his wife Josefa García until his death in 2017.

The vocational training students of the Ave María schools have developed the system that has made it possible to replace the usual profiles of pedestrians at traffic lights with Chiquito’s, incorporating their voice. The municipality contributed 1,000 euros to purchase the necessary materials via the Municipal Transport Company (EMT). The company for its part Monelec The structure has gone.

Chiquito, favorite son of the City of Malaga, received the Gold Medal of Fine Arts from the Ministry of Culture in 2017, the Medal of Andalusia in 2018 and also the Medal of the City of Malaga posthumously in 2018. At the end of 2021, a life-size sculpture was inaugurated in the park, which has borne his name since 2004, promoted by the Association of Spanish Humorism (Ashumes), made by the artist Ramón Chaparro and finished in bronze by Miguel Codina. During his presentation, the sculptor warned that the work hadn’t gone entirely well because “Chiquito didn’t stop moving.” Now the humorist will continue to make people laugh at a traffic light as special as he is.

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