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Chinese rocket debris could fall to Earth next week

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The Last Space Foray China will have repercussions as various debris from a rocket of his property would reach Earth in the next few daysand at the moment there are no precise predictions as to where they might collide.

These elements, considered “space junk” by experts, are part of the Long March 5B rocket that the Asian country launched on July 24 with the aim of putting the second module of its space station into orbit, which will end around next October. year.

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According to the Aerospace Corp. agency, the debris would enter Earth on July 31, but at this time it is not known where it will impact. Current predictions are very vague because they cover different territories, all very large: much of the United States, as well as Africa, Australia, Brazil, India, and Southeast Asia.

The descent of the rocket’s booster, which weighs 23 metric tons, is believed to be part of what experts say are a series of uncontrolled crashes that highlight the risks of accelerating China’s space race with states -United.

Due to the uncontrolled nature of his descent, there is a non-zero probability that the debris will land in a populated area: more than 88% of the world’s population lives under the potential imprint of the debris”reviewed the space agency in a statement.

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And it seems that the concern about the reentry of this debris on Earth does not cause much regret to the competent entities in China, since according to several media this is considered as one more trick on the part of the United States to discredit the work. aerospace that the country is currently developing.

“US and Western media deliberately exaggerate the ‘loss of control’ of Chinese rocket debris and the likelihood of bodily injury from rocket debris, obviously with bad intentions”reported the Chinese news site Guancha.

Source metroecuador.com

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