The singer had three miscarriages

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Cher suffered trauma at a young age. At 18, the singer made her first miscarriage, two others will follow.

Singer Cher, 76, suffered three miscarriages at a young age. The facilitator does now via Twitter disclosed. At first, she was only 18 years old.

Cher opens up about her miscarriages for the first time

“I was alone in our house,” says Cher. Her then-partner Sonny Bono, † 62, came home, “and I sobbed and rolled on our floor.”

As she drove to the doctor, “I was screaming in pain and couldn’t even stop in the elevator.” The doctor sent her straight to the hospital and to the operating room. At the end of her tweets, she asks, “What would happen to me today?”

She speaks out after controversial abortion law

Cher went public with her story weeks after the controversial Supreme Court decision. In June, the nearly 50-year-old landmark “Roe v. Wade” decision was overturned, striking down a nationwide abortion law in the United States. States now decide on the right to abortion and can also severely restrict it. Even if the pregnancy is problematic or the baby is not viable, pregnancy terminations may be refused.

Cher has two children: Chaz Bono, 53, from her marriage to Sonny Bono, and Elijah Blue Allman, 46, with second husband Gregg Allman, † 69.

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