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Chenoa marries Miguel Sánchez in an intimate ceremony in Mallorca

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Finally, the wedding of Chenoa and Miguel Sánchez was celebrated in Mallorca this Friday, June 17th. In particular, at the Comassema winery in the Sierra de Tramuntana. The link, which was attended by around 90 guests, was scheduled for June 14, 2020 in Madrid but had to be canceled due to the corona virus. Now, two years later, they’ve resumed the celebration, yes, changed the location and adjusted the guest list as much as possible. Therefore some of his classmates Triumph operationthe competition that catapulted María Laura Corradini Falomir to fame chenoa, 46, were not invited to the link. Yes, Natalia, Gisela, Geno and Alejandro Parreño were present, as was Àngel Llàcer, who was an acting teacher at the Television Music Academy.

Few details have emerged about the civilian connection, which took place after 1:30 p.m. and is expected to last well into the morning. The singer and presenter chose a design by Hannibal Laguna for the day, as she reported a few months ago. He also revealed the song that would play upon his entry: “I want to enter on my father’s arm and have him take me to Miguel. I want to join she, the song by Elvis Costello. And as I go I want to see everyone cry.” explained to the magazine Hi!, to whom he exclusively sold the link. The couple admitted that nottinghill, movie in which she appears as the soundtrack of the love story between a famous woman and an anonymous man, it is special to them because they find parallels to their own love story.

Laura Corradini was born in Mar del Plata (Argentina) and moved to Mallorca at the age of eight, the island where she got married today. He began singing professionally at age 15. In the meantime, she completed a degree in early childhood education and landed a job as a lead singer at Casino de Mallorca. “There I patched my own fishnet stockings because they were very expensive and I put the stoppers in strategic places where no one could see them,” he confessed in an interview in EL PAÍS in 2021. “I have acquired many streets, many bars … and this is something that is lived and remains in your DNA, even if later they put you in the most beautiful dressing room in the world, there is no tutía, there is nothing like an alcohol-smelling one Carpet” .

The most beautiful dressing rooms in the world arrived after participating Triumph operationa talent show musical in which it was fourth. David Bisbal, his partner at the time, was second. Chenoa’s relationship with Bisbal has kept her in the limelight and society has placed her in the stereotype of an awkward woman, which the artist has opposed on more than one occasion.

The break in 2004 with the interpreter of Buleria cracked his image of tough and unfriendly. The singer went downstairs to throw the trash in a tracksuit, a moment she used to address the media in an iconic moment of modern television. Over the years, the singer has been able to claim this moment as her own. “I suppose there were, there are and there will be a lot of girls in tracksuits crying in a doorway. I’m not the only one,” she said a few years ago. He even knew how to make it profitable by starting his own line of tracksuits. Chenoa was able to rewrite her character and take charge of the narrative by learning to laugh at — and be profitable from — the judgments about her personal life that were always under scrutiny, how in her previous relationships with actor Álex González, singer David de María and comedian David Guapo. However, this is the artist’s first time entering the altar. On more than one occasion she has commented on the obsession that part of the press and society had to marry her off, calling her a sexist. “There’s going to be some illusion in people who like me a lot, but yeah, there’s a lot of people who think, ‘Look, he’s finally happy’.” Look, no: I was very happy without getting married and getting married,” he assured this newspaper last year.

Miguel Sánchez, 46, works as Head of the Urology Service at the Rey Juan Carlos University Hospital and is in charge of Urology at the Ruber Internacional in Madrid. magazine forbes counted him among the 100 best specialists in Spain. He met Chenoa over a dinner at mutual friends’ house in 2019, and four months into their relationship they got engaged during a trip to Rome. He is married and has a daughter. The singer made her relationship public through posts on her social networks, where declarations of love and joint photos have been posted in recent years.

Source elpais.com

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