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Chemical weapons ‘will be a game changer’ in Ukraine war

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Polish President Andrzej Duda said on Sunday that Moscow’s use of chemical weapons during its invasion of Ukraine would “change the rules of the game” and lead NATO to rethink the conflict.
Duda told the BBC that if Russian President Vladimir Putin “were to use any weapon of mass destruction, it would be a game changer … for alliances.”

He added that in this case, NATO, which Poland joined in 1999, will have to seriously think about its next steps.

“Because then the situation will become dangerous, not only for Europe, not only for our part of Europe… but for the whole world,” he added.

Duda indicated that Putin will resort to all means, especially since he lost this war “politically” while militarily he is no longer capable of winning it.

Citing expert estimates, he said as many as five million refugees could leave Ukraine during the war, about half of whom would end up in Poland.

Poland has so far received around 1.7 million refugees since the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24 (February 24).

“More than half of the total number of refugees who left Ukraine are in Poland. So if their number reaches five million, imagine we will receive 2.5 million,” Duda said.

“It’s hard for me to imagine. So we need support here on the ground. We need financial help,” he added.

And on Sunday, the war was closing in on the Polish border with 35 killed and 134 wounded in a Russian attack on a military base in Yavoriv, ​​in western Ukraine, some 20 kilometers from Poland.

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