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Chemical weapons alert, Selenskyj in an interview, the new Almodóvar

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The United States warns against the use of weapons of mass destruction, Zelenskyj calls Putin’s threat of nuclear war a bluff, and Almodóvar has a new movie. The morning summary

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The situation in Ukraine

The US government fears that Russia may use biological or chemical weapons in Ukraine. By spreading misinformation, the Kremlin is paving the way for further escalation of the war of aggression, he warned. joe bidens Narrator Jen Psaki.

The World Health Organization reports at least 18 attacks on ambulances and clinics. During an air raid on a maternity hospital in Mariupol According to the Ukrainian government, at least 17 people were injured, including pregnant women.

© Umit Bektas/​Reuters

In an interview with ZEIT, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy talks about his personal status as Russia’s public enemy number one.

Richard Herzinger argues that despite threats from Vladimir Putin, the risk of NATO intervention is manageable.

Mariupol is under massive fire from the Russian army. Our series of photos gives an idea of ​​the suffering of the residents who have been unable to leave the port city for days.

So far, more than 80,000 Ukrainian refugees have been registered in Germany, according to the federal government 200,000 public and private accommodations are available. According to UNICEF, half of the two million refugees are children.

Economy Minister Robert Habeck warns of serious economic consequences of an immediate abandonment of Russian oil and gas. It is time to tell the Germans that peace is not free, comments my colleague Roman Pletter. (Z+)

Has the attack on Ukraine shaken left-wing beliefs about Russia? Bodo Ramelow and Gregor Gysi answer questions from my colleagues at ZEIT.

Censorship and sanctions make everyday life difficult Russia. Popular blogger Ilya Varlamov shared tips on emigration and his video has been viewed almost two million times.

All current developments can be found on our live blog.

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