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Chelsea sale process: Friday deadline for submissions

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It has been possible to streamline the sale process of Chelsea Football Club, after setting the deadline for tomorrow, Friday, for the presentation of offers to purchase the club.
And the British news agency (PA Media) reported that the financial institution “Rain Group”, of New York, will present tomorrow Friday a short list of preference of those who wish to buy.

And with the club’s sale process accelerating, that means the shortlist chances will be close even with three offers arriving early next week.

The process of presenting offers for the purchase of the club witnessed the presence of strong offers, with the presence of people and other parties that strengthened their position, amid notable developments today Thursday.

Sebastian Coe has joined Martin Broughton’s bid to buy the club, adding weight and credibility to the former Liverpool chairman’s nomination to buy the London club.

A former IAAF president, London 2012 Organizing Committee chairman, Chelsea fan and Proton supporter, Coe is known for finding support in government circles.

The Ricketts family, owners of the Chicago Cubs baseball team, confirmed their interest in buying the club in a statement, adding Ken Griffin, head of an influential hedge fund, to their alliance of buyers.

And Nick Candy, the property developer and candidate to buy the club, has included former Chelsea star Gianluca Vialli for his offer, where the former star of the Italian national team and assistant manager of the same team will now have the support and support of Chelsea fans. .

Todd Boehle, part owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers club, was the first to bid in the race to buy Chelsea, and the other powerful American alliance wields great influence.

Woody Johnson, owner of the New York Jets, was among the candidates to bid for Chelsea, but has not yet announced his interest in the matter.

Roman Abramovich had put Chelsea up for sale since March 2, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The Russian-Israeli billionaire was sanctioned by the British government last week as his UK assets were frozen with the exception of Chelsea, where things were run in Chelsea under an exceptional license from the government.

The British government had sanctioned Abramovich following speculation about his relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin, but the famous 55-year-old businessman has repeatedly denied this.

Chelsea is third in the English Premier League standings with 59 points, while the team had qualified for the Champions League quarter-finals, and Chelsea remains in the FA Cup, where it faces Middlesbrough in the quarter-finals. final the next Saturday, and also lost the Professional League Cup final to Liverpool on penalties 11-10.


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