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Chelsea push for sanctions relief

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Chelsea appealed to the British government on Monday to allow it to sell match tickets, despite a freeze on its assets as part of a series of sanctions imposed on its Russian owner, Roman Abramovich, in the context of the invasion of Ukraine. by your country.
Last week, the British government imposed sanctions on the London club as part of its response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, freezing all of its owner Abramovich’s assets, except for the club which has been allowed to continue “football-related activities”. “.

The government has placed conditions on Chelsea, which under the restrictions have no right to sell new tickets or merchandise, and has frozen all income from television rights or rewards from competitions they enter.

There has also been a ban on signing players or renewing their contracts, as well as capping spending when they travel to games abroad, raising fears the money could run out fast.

The League took action against Abramovich, who was described by the government as part of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle, though he denied any association with the Kremlin.

Chelsea is trying to mitigate the huge financial consequences of the sanctions that have been imposed on it by asking the government to allow it to sell tickets to matches, it said in its statement on Monday, adding that the Premier League and the English Football Association Football collected “sports integrity problems”, derived from the ban on ticket sales.

Chelsea are unable to sell tickets to their home fans, fans visiting Stamford Bridge or club fans who want to watch their team away from home, under strict new rules.

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