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Chaos in Cuenca: incidents between traders, gasoline shortages and a besieged city

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The panoramawith each day of demonstrations, is more uncertain and worrying in the Ecuador. Not only Quito was affected by the presence of demonstrators, Bowl reports incidents, shortages of basic necessities and is under siege.

On Avenida de las Américas and Primero de Mayo, clashes between police and demonstrators were recorded on the morning of Monday, June 28. In addition, due to the presence of traders on the roads, several sections have been closed, preventing car traffic.

Likewise, long queues of vehicles were present at gas stations. The lack of supply causes users to try to fill their tanks with whatever is within reach.

Faced with this scenario, which jeopardizes the continuity of activities and foresees a scenario of serious economic losses, the Archdiocese of Cuenca released a statement highlighting the importance of the correct flow of supplies for fuel, food, medicine and oxygen.

“No just protest action can endanger the lives of those who, like the protesters, are also the people. May our actions be beneficial for the lives of the sick, children, the elderly, who need urgent help,” says the letter.

Likewise, the mayor of Cuenca, Pedro Palacios, is on the Cuenca-Molleturo road approaching the inhabitants of the sector, to allow a humanitarian corridor that allows the transfer of people in vulnerable situations, medicines and health products. first necessity.

The town hall of this city in southern Ecuador clarified that the demonstrators pose the condition that there is no police or military presence. Palacios will hold a meeting with community leaders starting at 1:00 p.m. to reach agreements.

Finally, traders from the Free Fair “El Arenal” joined the strike. These have forced the closure of pharmacies and commercial premises in the area. With branches, tires and other objects they blocked the road.

Source metroecuador.com

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