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Change your company to save on your electricity bill and receive an exorbitant price

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Mary Jesus is a neighbor of O Grove (Galicia) what did you decide change electric company to save a few euros on your bill. What was his surprise, or rather fright, when upon receiving the first invoice with his new rate and company the imports amounted to almost 5,000 euros. The case, which everything points to an error yet to be determined, has jumped to the local media after his son Javier made it known.

He paid less than 200 euros for electricity, he changed companies to save and he received a bill of almost 5,000 euros. (Photo: Getty Images)

As published The voice of Galicia, the affected had never paid an invoice of more than 200 euros. That is why she did not give credit when, after changing companies precisely to save money, she received a bill for the imports from 4,822.40 euros and with an unlikely consumption in a house the size of yours.

Your child has told arousa diary who initially thought the total was 482 euros. The scare when he realized that he was actually putting 4,822.40 euros was even greater. With the current situation one would expect a higher cost than usual, but this was too much. In addition, Javier has explained that in the house where his mother lives “There is no heating or ceramic hob.” So his first thought was that it was a mistake. They called Repsol, the company with which her mother has her current contact, and what appeared to her was that they were asked if they expected to pay her or not.

With the publication of his case, Javier was looking for help. One of the recommendations received was to go to Consumption and report what happened. There they have been told that in a few days they will have ten answers and, as stated in the Aorusa Diary, they have been recommended not to pay the bill. One of the things that worries Javier is “that if my mother had had that amount in the account, she would have charged it.” she has that money in the bank, they may collect it.

They have been told, after seeking help and learning about the steps to follow, that they must claim both Naturgy and Repsol, “because from what they tell us, Naturgy is the one that sells them the electricity.” It is what they have done.

As for the companies, the arousa diary points out that Naturgy has opened an incident and produced a technician to check the meter and check if there is any error. For his part, he points out The voice of GaliciaRepsol has confirmed that the invoice has not been collected and that the corresponding department is studying the incident to provide a response to its client as soon as possible.

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