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“Chancellor Scholz must ensure that Schröder is sanctioned”

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Now things are being discussed that were unimaginable a month ago. Does a former chancellor have to be on the EU sanctions list due to the Russian war against Ukraine? Then Gerhard Schröder’s accounts would have to be frozen and he may no longer be able to travel freely in Europe. Since his mysterious trip to Moscow with a conversation of several hours with his close friend Vladimir Putin, he has disappeared again in Hannover. Instead of commenting on the talks and what mission he was actually there for, he just said that he would voluntarily relinquish honorary citizenship in Hanover. He is no longer an honorary citizen of the city.

The spokesman for human rights policy of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, Michael Brand, calls on the federal government to immediately include Schröder on the EU sanctions list. But in a response from the Secretary of State at the Foreign Office, Andreas Michaelis, at the disposal of the Tagesspiegel, this has so far been rejected: “Retired Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and Nord Stream 2 AG are not subject to sanctions by the European Union “. reacted quickly and decisively against Ukraine and imposed comprehensive individual sanctions, financial sanctions, and export restrictions, as well as other measures. So far, “511 people and two entities” have been sanctioned. The sanctions would be decided unanimously by the member states of the European Union.” board as planned.

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Does Schröder represent Putin’s interests?

Brand accuses the federal government of skirting a decision against a top aide to Russian President Putin, who has meanwhile degenerated into a war criminal, namely former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) must ensure that “Schröder is finally sanctioned as well”. , who was placed in leadership positions in the Russian energy sector by Putin himself and who raises hundreds of thousands of euros for representing Putin’s interests,” Brand told the Tagesspiegel. “I can well imagine that many social democrats in Germany are stirring stomach every day, if you need to see that.

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The relationship was still intact then. Olaf Scholz receives Gerhard Schröder and his wife Soyeon at the opening of a …Photo: Paul Zinken/pa

CDU politician: Schröder’s accounts must be frozen, Scholz must act

It is no longer reasonable for the German taxpayer and the German constitutional state “that a German citizen who is involved in financing the brutal war in Ukraine should not be on the sanctions list simply because he was once chairman of the SPD and federal chancellor”, said. Brand. For him, Schröder is now less of a former chancellor “and more of a foreign agent for Putin, at least in terms of content. And that’s how it should be treated.”

If he wasn’t a former chancellor affiliated with the SPD, he would have been on the list for a long time and his accounts would have been frozen. “The rule of law applies to everyone, and there are no people who are above German law. Not even Schroder.

Pressure grows for the exclusion of the SPD

Four SPD associations (Heidelberg, Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis, Leipzig East/Northeast and Essen-Frohnhausen/Altendorf) demand Schröder’s exclusion. Despite an early March letter to Schröder with the final demand to radically distance himself from Putin and his activities in the service of Russia, SPD leader Lars Klingbeil leaves open what will happen if Schröder does not distance himself.

Klingbeil used to work at Schröder’s electoral office in Lower Saxony. Now Klingbeil said in the “Bild am Sonntag” that his relationship with Schröder had broken down. “What has happened in the last few weeks is of course also a political break between Schröder and myself.”

When asked about Schröder’s expulsion from the party, Lower Saxony’s SPD state leader Stephan Weil refers to the party’s internal arbitration commission, which must assess whether party-damaging behavior has occurred. “The party’s lawyers have very different points of view,” says Weil. The Hanover SPD district arbitration commission is responsible: first there would be a hearing; but Schröder was absolutely unwilling to do so, even during the procedure for his honorary citizenship, and he took action on his own initiative.

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