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CDU politician calls for sanctions against former Chancellor Schröder

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Berlin (AP) – CDU politician Michael Brand is pushing for sanctions against former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder because of his Russian connections.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) must ensure that “Schröder, who was placed in leadership positions in the Russian energy sector by Putin himself and who collects hundreds of thousands of euros for representing the interests of the warmonger Putin, is also sanctioned”, the spokesman said. for human rights policy CDU/CSU parliamentary group at the ‘Tagesspiegel’.

Schröder “Putin’s Foreign Agent”

It is no longer acceptable to taxpayers and the German constitutional state “that a German citizen who is involved in financing the brutal war in Ukraine is not on the sanctions list simply because he was once chairman of the SPD and federal chancellor.” For him, Schröder is less a former chancellor than a foreign agent of Putin, at least in terms of content. And that’s how it should be treated.”

Schröder is considered an old friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin. He is also the head of the supervisory board of the Russian state energy company Rosneft. As a result of Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the former foreign minister came under increasing criticism. He had asked the Moscow government to end the war as soon as possible. But he did not speak of personal consequences.

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