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CDU nominates Manfred Weber as President of the EPP

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Berlin (dpa) – The heads of the CDU and the CSU have endorsed the candidacy of the CSU European politician Manfred Weber as leader of the European EPP family of parties.

“Manfred Weber has all the prerequisites that are needed to lead the European People’s Party to new strengths and shape European politics with clear Christian Democratic and Social Christian values,” says a letter from CDU and CSU Presidents Friedrich Merz . and Markus Söder, on Weber’s candidacy.

The CDU presidium unanimously nominated the 49-year-old from Lower Bavaria for the candidacy on Monday. The CSU had nominated Weber some time ago. The election will take place on May 31 and June 1 at the EPP Congress in Rotterdam. Weber is president of the Christian Democrat group PPE in the European Parliament and deputy director of the CSU. On Monday he participated in the deliberations of the CDU leadership and also in the meeting of the Union faction.

Donald Tusk’s successor

Merz said before the parliamentary group meeting that, in the current state of affairs, Weber would be the only candidate to succeed Donald Tusk as EPP leader. The polar fang does not want to run again. In view of the Russian war against Ukraine, Weber spoke of a “kyiv moment” that led to closer ties in the European Union and a unified response to refugee challenges. “That is why this crisis is a real, very positive wake-up call for Europe, for European solidarity, for common European action.”

Facing the ruling right-wing Fidesz party, which left the EPP a year ago after years of dispute over the EU’s core values ​​and the rule of law, led by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Weber insisted on common European ground. of values ​​”The ‘kyiv moment’ should be more of an encouragement to commit to these values, because people in Ukraine are currently fighting for exactly these values.” In many parts of Europe, much thought is currently being given to returning to these values.

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