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‘Cazzu’ defends Christian Nodal from criticism on social media

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Christian NodeIt has been on everyone’s lips in recent months for ever-changing partners. After Belinda, the Mexican had appeared with a Mexican model accompanying him to his various presentations. However, He quickly switched companies and was seen hand-in-hand with Argentine singer ‘Cazzu’. These behaviors caught the attention of many on social media, claiming he was doing it out of spite for Belinda. But lo and behold, his girlfriend ‘Cazzu’ defended him on his social networks.

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It’s no secret that the Mexican was very hurt by his relationship with Belinda, because He let her know when he fought with J Balvin that he was going through a tough mental recovery situation, which is why he couldn’t stand the thought of Balvin making fun of him and his misfortunes.

Now, it looks like ‘Cazzu’ might be Christian’s only chance to believe in love again. Argentina only accompany him to his shows and encourage him before going on stage. For this reason, he has now shared a short video of Nodal singing on stage. While performing ‘Lo Besos’, the Argentinian singer recorded it from behind with the following message “While they bark, you shine.”

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Several comments are read on the internet where they value the message of “Cazzu” at a difficult time for Nodal, because apart from his recovery from Belinda, he has been harshly criticized, especially in Colombia, for having a conflict with Ryan Castro. The Colombian came out saying that there were “certain artists” who had tried to turn off the light. Despite this, Nodal said the media usually doesn’t like him very much, but he loves his fans deeply and that’s what really matters to him.

Source metroecuador.com

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