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Catalonia is not crying for you, Laura Trump


From the moment an oral trial was opened against her corruption suspect, Laura Borràs’ fate was decided. Those who put their bets on her as Speaker of Parliament knew it. Those who elected her president of the junts in a recent congress from which she emerged weakened knew it. Everyone knew that with the opening of the process that had been discussed for years – contractual “trapis” in favor of a friend – she would be suspended from her functions as deputy on the basis of the questionable Article 25.4 of the regulations for the camera. In order to avoid this deterioration of the institution, the members of the bureau asked him to resign. Well, the members of the table and the party they coalition with, leaders of the junts en mute…

And she said no. Recently he said more using the lyric register he may have used in the classrooms where he taught literature classes. “Those who want me dead must kill me and get their hands dirty. I came to gain independence, not to commit suicide for autonomy.” There has been some mobilization in recent weeks, ahead of the inevitable scenario. Not just the usual one of his thousands of followers who feed on each other on the networks and through hatred show a masturbation allegiance to his lovely guidance. A group of friends was also institutionalized who promoted a manifesto signed by various former Presidents of the Generalitat or an act in the Ateneu, where she was hailed as a victim of the Law Spanish.

Two or three days ago, the same group called for a demonstration of support outside the gates of Parliament. There would be momentum Trumpeter? What was at stake this Thursday at the Parc de la Ciutadella was quantifying Borràs’ current calling capacity to gauge the extent to which the movement circling it is robust and has Quim Torra as its main accomplice. Looking at the pictures, the conclusion is clear: the failure was resounding. First gathered the 200 people who insulted local journalists — “Catalan press, manipulative”, it’s not just the Spanish press anymore —. Some of the congregation also settled on dirty texts after a few hours. Najat Driouech, Esquerra’s deputy, was called a “fucking bramble”.

The most revealing thing that day, after she had already ceased to be President using the ordinance, was the audacity of the other Borràs. At 2.33pm, just as the headlines of TV3’s news program ended, he appeared in a room of Parliament for his words to be broadcast live. Alongside his self-denunciation and the repetition of his slogan, “I am the daughter of October 1st,” the idolized anger of those who conscientiously ignite the populist fire could be heard. He didn’t name her like Donald Trump, but he did, on several occasions, refer to the members of the board who made the decision by which they were bound. Five MPs, he said, “disguised as hypocritical judges”. Too much demagogy for a Catalonia that doesn’t cry for you, Laura.

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