A laboratory doctor carries out tests for the detection of the so-called monkeypox in Madrid on a file photo.Pablo Blazquez (Getty Images)

The Ministry of Health of the Generalitat of Catalonia begins tomorrow, Thursday, with the preventive vaccination against monkeypox for the group at high risk of contagion due to their sexual activities or because of HIV infection, at a time when Catalonia has passed the thousand positives . It will meet at three points: the Hospital Clínic de Barcelona, ​​​​​​the BCN Checkpoint and the STD unit Drassanes-Vall d’Hebron. In Madrid, which had exceeded a thousand cases a few days ago, the administration of the dose has been carried out since this week Pre-registration on the community websitewhich has started activating 50 daily slots, which will be expanded based on demand.

After Madrid, Catalonia is the region with the most cases of smallpox, with more than 1,500 positives, which already totals 1,025, mostly men aged between 20 and 60 who started symptoms between May 5 and July 16. Individuals susceptible to vaccination must also be under 45 years of age, not previously vaccinated, not have the disease, not have had close contact with a case of monkeypox in the past 10 days, and not have the disease have compatible symptoms and have no general contraindications for a vaccine.

People who have been exposed to the virus and who may have complications, such as minors, pregnant women and those undergoing treatment with immunosuppressive drugs, and healthcare professionals who have treated a case without adequate protection, are also vaccinated.

The administration of this pre-exposure vaccine in Barcelona was organized at the BCN Checkpoint, whose director, Pep Coll, appeared at a press conference together with the Minister of Health, Carmen Cabezas. This center mainly serves people living with HIV or those who don’t have this virus but who are more likely to contract it due to their risky sexual practices, so take PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) drugs that significantly reduce the possibility of contagion. . This group, mostly men who have relationships with other men, is the one that the Public Health Commission has identified as a priority for vaccination before exposure, that is, before they have contracted smallpox.

In particular, Catalonia has 1,643 vaccines out of the 5,300 that have already arrived in Spain, a number that Carmen Cabezas says is insufficient considering that around 6,000 people in the municipality are taking PrEP. “The main objective is that the existing ones (the vaccines) are introduced as soon as possible and we will insist that the Ministry of Health put pressure on Europe so that more vaccines are available,” he told Cabezas. For its part, Madrid has 1,835 cans.

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The Imvanex vaccine consists of two doses 28 days apart, the second of which can be extended to allow for the administration of other first vaccines that are already providing good protection. The Madrid Ministry of Health has also called for more vaccines: “Currently, 6,000 doses are needed for the pre-exposure vaccine,” the ministry says.

A seven-month-old baby infected in Madrid

The Community of Madrid reported this Wednesday a case of monkeypox in a seven-month-old baby, a contagion that occurred at home with the parents also being infected. The baby, isolated at home, and his parents are in good health, the regional government says in a press release, saying that “this is a special case as the infection coincides with the baby’s parents and transmission occurs during their care To date, the Ministry of Health has detected 1,577 cases of monkeypox and excluded 403 suspected cases in the Autonomous Community of Madrid. “On a general level, the same contagion profile will be maintained as before, i.e. men who have sex with men in risky situations,” says the state government.

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