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Carter: Syrian President’s visit to UAE represents historic turning point

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The Council of Arab International Relations “Carnert” stressed that the concept of Arab national unity and security must be within the political map of the Arab countries to protect their security and stability and achieve their interests at all levels, stressing that “the Syrian president Bashar al- Assad’s visit to the United Arab Emirates represents a historic turning point in restoring the concept of unity, security and solidarity of the Arab world in light of international geopolitical changes.

Tariq Al Sheikhan, head of “Carter”, head of the Arab Press and Media Arab Association, Tariq Al Sheikhan, said in an exclusive statement to 24: “The UAE’s foreign policy efforts resulted in a historic visit to the Syrian President, after a decade of destruction and instability caused by the so-called Arab Spring, this confirms that the tripartite Arab alliance of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Egypt has restored the concept of Arab unity and security, and encouraged the Arab parties to return to the unity of the common Arab destiny.

Al Sheikhan added that “what the UAE policy has done in terms of representing the Arabs in communication with Syria, working for the return of Damascus to the Arab League and strengthening Syria’s Arab role, is in the interest of of the stability and security of the Arab countries”. society in general, and makes the Arabs able to work together to fight the Turkish occupations.” And the Iranians and expel them from the land of Syria, and send a message to the international community that Syria is an independent Arab country with which all countries stand firm, and that is why we support the Emirati steps towards unity of the Arab ranks and the protection of the security of the Arab community”.


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