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Carolina Jaume Shows What Her Personalized Instagram Closet Looks Like

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July 30, 2022 at 6:30 a.m.

Carolina Jaume takes over social networks to share her little adventures with her followers and fans. On this occasion, the woman from Guayaquil revealed what her spectacular personalized wardrobe looks like.

Through some stories, he posted videos that his friend José Vargas recorded. At the TV presenter, he and a friend were in the middle of the dressing room of this famous Ecuadorian.

In the first recorded footage, a column full of paintings that fill a corner of her wardrobe was captured. In them were several photographs of Jaume that covered the cover of magazines and print media. As a kind of altar in honor of her work as a model and personality of the small screen.

Most of these newspapers were the one that is part of Ecuavisa, Vistazo, as well as Hogar. Then the filming moved to where she kept dresses, shoes, etc.

"Carolina Jaume shows off her wardrobe on Instagram".

The cupboard where Jaume keeps his shoes is five stories above the ground. Various gorgeous costumes and dresses house the small space where the young woman who appears on the scene feels like a girl in a candy store.

Because of this, he grabbed one of the clothes and wanted to try it on at all costs. Meanwhile, Vargas continued to record everything that was happening, so the scene got a little humorous.

"Carolina Jaume shows off her wardrobe on Instagram".

“She’s Playing Mommy”

When Carolina appeared, she was accompanied by José and a description that alluded to the fact that Jaume had come to order a little girl who was getting cloying in the confectionery full of ‘outfits’.

Due to the rapid movements the boy was making with the phone, it was not possible to see all the details exactly. However, it was noted that each section took up everything, even a few small wooden shelves where their bags were.

"Carolina Jaume shows off her closet".
Source metroecuador.com

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