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Carolin Peters: “I am the world’s worst crime watcher”

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On the weekend podcast, actress Caroline Peters reveals why she can’t watch detective stories. She also knows the secret to relaxing train travel.

actress caroline peters © Rafaela Proell

Actress Caroline Peters, known for the television series Murder with a chanceHe is a guest on episode 37 of And what do you do on the weekend? Traveling between Vienna and Berlin, she has been awarded theater actress of the year four times and is currently part of the series female colleagues to see. She tells the host team Ilona Hartmann and Christoph Amend her tips from Vienna, the secret to relaxed train travel, who is the greatest Batman of all time, and that he has a fetish for sardines. Together with her husband, Caroline Peters runs a postcard shop in Vienna, and in the evenings she prefers to watch movie series like die hard in the projector and on gray Sundays he goes to the movies three times in a row. In the podcast, she raves about Catherine the Great, Katharine Hepburn, and makes a confession: “I’m the world’s worst crime watcher. I can’t focus on crime stories when I see them on TV.”

In this episode Ilona, ​​Christoph and Caroline recommend the following for the weekend:

  • the publishing house of art and postcards art postal

  • Hotel Am Brilliant Land

  • the netflix series anxious people

  • the book serge by Yasmin Reza

  • the series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

  • the Strombad Kritzendorf outdoor pool

  • the song cabin party by Skero feat. Joyce Muniz

  • malakoff cake

You can contact the team at [email protected] Do you want to know what Anke Engelke, Ayumi Paul or David Hasselhoff do at the weekend? All episodes of this podcast can be found here.

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