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Carmen Villalobos confessed all the support she received from Wiiliam Levy during the recording of “Café con aroma de mujer”

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After the huge success of the new version of “Café con aroma de mujer”, several cast members spoke about their experiences working on the series and one relationship that seems to have grown stronger during the recordings was that of William Levy and Carmen Villalobos, who have repeatedly praised themselves.

Villalobos recently spoke a bit about the relationship he had with his co-star during the tapings and clarified the huge support he received from the Cuban. For actors, spending months away from their families playing a character can be very exhausting, so ultimately they need to support each other to move forward.

The weight of William Levy in the first performance as the villain of Carmen Villalobos

‘Café con aroma de mujer’ has been a huge hit since its arrival on Netflix and many attribute that to the naturalness of the performances, but let’s not forget that it was the Colombian’s first time acting like a villain and the experience by William Levy seems to have made things much easier for him.

During an interview granted to a Spanish media, Carmen Villalobos did not hesitate to assure that the enormous success of her interpretation was due to her companions, as reported by the media Mdzol. Carmen reportedly said that at first her fans were not very happy with the role she played and doubted her.

Considering this, he mentioned Levy as his biggest support during the recordings, which would have helped him develop his character, because, because of his “little angel face”, no one could have taken him to heart. serious as the villain of the story.

The marital crisis that Carmen Villalobos is going through could consume her

Throughout her last interviews, the Colombian has completely avoided the subject of her marriage, focusing on her career and her successes, but different media assure that things are not going well at all and that in fact, Carmen Villalobos and Sebastián Caicedo is said to be living in separate houses.

‘I Know It All’ reporters recently reported that ‘about 20 days ago the couple signed the paperwork to separate from the covers’ alerting all fans of the couple, as the separation seems to be getting closer and closer. and imminent.

Source metroecuador.com

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