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Carlos Moyà: “Nadal adapts perfectly to grass, for me he strives for the maximum at Wimbledon”

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“The important thing now is that he spends time on the track and that his foot is fine”

‘I don’t think it’s Nadal to be a father, on the contrary’


Rafa Nadal’s coach Carlos Moyà hopes his student will aim for everything at the Wimbledon tournament as he “adapts perfectly to the grass”, although he is waiting for him to pick up the pace on the pitch and “his foot is good goes”. an epic Roland Garros.

“We’ve had a pretty good week of training in Mallorca, although the pitch here is a bit different than in London, so maybe that’s why he’s having a little trouble adapting to the pitch in England. At the moment it’s important that he spends time on the pitch court and that the foot is fine, little by little it will pick up speed, hopefully the draw will help too,” said Baleare in an interview collected by Europa Press this Wednesday with Eurosport.

The picture will emerge on Friday and Moyà hopes Nadal will have games to continue making waves on the pitch and moving forward. “There can always be more surprises at Wimbledon apart from the player that touches you in those first rounds. The dangerous thing is the kind of rival that touches you. You have to be careful with the racquets. Now he has two important exhibition games. my confidence in him for Wimbledon is still the maxim,” he says.

The Manacor man raised his 14th Roland Garros last month despite foot problems with his chronic injury, which became particularly harsh after the second round. After Paris, Nadal underwent a new treatment that is currently working. “After I beat Moutet in the second round, the game ended and I couldn’t walk anymore. Rafa can always use the first 2-3 games at Roland Garros to build confidence, the only thing I worried about was mine foot,” recalls the former number one in the world.

“Rafa always wants to do well wherever he is, his motivation is above any tournament. It is clear that Wimbledon is a fetish tournament for him, he has won it twice and reached five finals in a row. The last two times he has done well, he’s reached the semi-finals, he’s adapting perfectly to the pitch. I know he can play very well, for me he’s aiming for the maximum,” he adds of London.

After becoming champions in Australia and Paris, Nadal has the “Grand Slam” in his hands. “It’s a realistic goal, at the moment he’s the only one who can achieve it this year. It’s the first time in his career that he’s able to achieve it, but we see it as something far away , he is it.” midway. He’s not losing his sleep at the moment,” his coach explains before judging Nadal’s paternity.

“In my time hardly anyone traveled with their children, it is also true that people retired at the age of 30-32 to start a family. Now everything has been very delayed, so many travel with their children. I don’t think this topic is what takes him, on the contrary it will be an extra motivation, he is very familiar, he loves children, although I am sure that initially he will miss him very much if he has to continue this journey” , he points to a possible change.

In addition, Moyà gave his opinion on coaching, instructions given by coaches to his players during matches approved by the ATP and WTA for the second half of this season. “I’m not very into coaching. What makes tennis such a special sport is that it’s the only sport in which you compete against each other without outside help,” he says energetically.

“For me it’s important that the player thinks for himself that the coach’s job is already done. It’s like an exam, the teacher can help you, but when the exam starts you are on your own. I’m more thinking of someone who travels without a coach because he can’t afford it. What’s happening there? You don’t match anything there, but you magnify the difference. I think we’ll see accidents, fights and verbal aggression if that goes where I think it goes, like in the WTA when the coach went out on the track,” he added.

Source europapress.es

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