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Carla Vall i Duran: “The men must tell the perpetrators that they are not like them”

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Carla Vall i Duran (Vilanova i la Geltrú, 33 years old) is a feminist because she is “we of political reason”. Moguda for the ideal of justice, he will study Dret, but in the first year of his studies he will complete “a capítol molt Dolorós” and give up three police officers. Dead will change in the summer of 2009. It will be an elective course on male violence with multiple friends and will be about “the enlightenment I needed” to specialize in. A decade later, this criminal defense attorney, criminologist, and specialist in gender-based violence cases is the legal entity responsible for exposing and supporting the Abuse Unit that the Academy of Cinema will announce at the Gaudí Awards. A pioneering initiative in the European Union to build protocols of action and support for victims, after more than 150 cases of abuse in public and private institutions in the sector were uncovered.

Questions. What motivates the creation of this Abuse Unit?

Answers. It is displayed in a very intuitive way. Many years dedicated to sexual violence and I thought that many victims of this guild are consulted in freedom, but after that they had many obstacles that I understood were not formal at the time of reporting. There is a strong correlation between the victims and the perpetrators and the testimonies of the fets. Somehow there had to be a scletxa here. We cannot continue with this level of impunity. This Això followed a bunker. Vaig interview with Maria Molins [Membre de la Junta Directiva de l’Acadèmia del Cinema] I ho va veure immediately.

P. Yes is in Marxa?

R. The department is in a moment of studying all the standards, brands and best practices that can contribute to compliance with the protocol. The one that would say to the people who are likely to need our help is that it is a safe and trusting space where the people who care for us are totally external in that area and therefore we don’t care about others lleialtat that I no longer protected the victims and prevented them from segueixi passant. Hello ha qui rebrà both psychological and legal attention if I thought it would be convenient. It could also be that a victim said, “Look, I’m just going to see a psychologist, or I’m going to stay with a lawyer.” You decide.

Hem d’alçar totes les catifes, com les de l’Institut del Teatre, per veure què s’amaga sota

P. At the presentation of the department, it is clarified that if the victim does not act, it will not be displayed.

R. It will not be mandatory in cap cas.

Q. What happens if we get multiple reports of an abuser and no one comes forward, wouldn’t there be a legal and moral responsibility on the fer-ho?

R. Here we do not have a protocol, but we can give my professional and individual opinion, and that means that there are cases in which performances are compromised that depend not only on the victim but also on other people doncs això pot imply that hi hagi a performance.

Q. Who judges how the case of the Institut del Teatre has developed?

R.: It’s a bad announcement for the future. We have addressed violence to a limited extent. It’s a very pragmatic bet to play the episodes very tangentially. Firstly because of the time limit implying that it is not possible to investigate older cases, on hi ha moltes males praxis. Somehow they figured out that a hyper-limited redemption ensued from the new victims. In what way can we protect them or can they donate an answer much more than the answer to an instance? Hem d’alçar totes aquestes catifes per veure què s’amaga a jack.

P. “Tothom knew what happened and Tothom leaked the secret,” the Abuse Division will say when presenting the Abuse Division to the press. What is it like disabling these mysteries about the perpetrators, what tothom sembla publicly denounces that he didn’t know but he didn’t know he fet mai res?

R. The idea of ​​public secrecy is disabled by a very difficult factor: solidarity between the Dons. Nosaltres hem trencat el silencio i hem parlat moltíssim en els nostres cercles. We spend each year with Plors reviewing our lives, our deeds and also our inactions. Ara això is in the masculí terreny. They also hi éreu quan tot això estava passant i quan el vostre amic estava estava fent això, and if you really are not with them I have to react differently.


R. Potser was optimistic, but he thought that there are many households who are beginning to see that it is time to take a stand. I això does not mean being against men, but against violence. The first way to say that all men are not the same is to tell the abuser that they are nothing like her.

Disciple: It is said of certain branches of feminism that without the help of households we will not be able to achieve it, that I think we have to be combative in the demands.

R. All this is so naive that I said if it was about more, it was more pedagogy to talk more about it… It’s very strange because it’s about deriving maskism to a purely cultural and not ideological issue.

Q. Who did you feel?

A. Misogyny is precisely the violent form of an ideology, and so we must be aware that there are men who have avoided violence, as well as many who have avoided denying themselves that violence. For això it is important that this division is created. The question isn’t who the issue of feminism is, it’s to adore us that this isn’t an innocent question. That there are no people who use violence because they are not careful or do not want to worship themselves. Això is not a cultural issue, it is an ideological issue.

Q. You have been an attorney for a decade during which the judges have questioned judicial confirmation, as will happen in the Manada case. Have we risen more to career than youth?

R. After Pamplona, ​​I had a period of reflection and self-criticism with skinning professionals. Això does not mean being for the rights of gifts or not, but what it means to be for accompanying society on life. I think we have a gift yet to come. He recalled how many days ago the decision of the Provincial Court of Pamplona was to be decided. I was in Madrid, per feina, and I remembered that tothom would go to the carrer and I would pretend to be a chicken, because most of them were very young nights. Now they are majors d’aget. These nights will refuse to keep a story about the Por, as will happen with Alcàsser. And in these cases I want to benefit by giving thanks to this young lady who will survive this aggression and all the aggression and perversions of the system. Because keeping a man in those conditions, and I’m not referring to keeping the Judici, but being able to keep it up in the end, implies a brutal Malgrat rage.

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