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Can you find the purple ball that is hidden in the picture?

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We once brought you one of the most complex visual challenges currently on the internet. In this challenge, we will test your visual and mental agility in the next few minutes.

You should keep in mind that this test will not be easy. Even only 1% of people managed to find the lost item.

Find the purple ball that is hidden

Although this is one of the most complex challenges, We hope you are able to resolve it and move on.

Remember that this type of content will help your brain because you will become someone with more skill and focus. For this test, there is no age, so anyone can solve it.

In this type of event, the most important thing is not to win, but to get out of the routine and have fun for a few minutes of your day.

If you’re more than ready to get started, it’s time to open your eyes wide and take a good look at the picture.

Inside the illustration is a hidden purple ballbut there are a lot of objects, so you have to be very careful.

Remember that you have seven seconds to solve the quiz, because that’s the average time some people have solved it.

Concentrate, concentrate and prepare your eyes, since this ball is well hidden and only you can find it.

It’s time to start, don’t be afraid and put your mental agility to the test.

You succeed?

If the answer is yes, congratulations. because it is not easy to solve these types of puzzles.

Now if you did not find the ball, nothing happens, in the next picture we will show you where it was placed.

It is not easy to solve this type of challengesbut we are sure in the next one you will put more effort on it and you can finish it

Remember, if you want to play another test, click here.

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