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Cameron Diaz announces he is retiring to be in a movie again

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When actress Cameron Diaz turned 40, she realized she needed a turnaround in her life. “There are many experiences that I have not experienced and circumstances that I do not know,” he confessed at the time to announce his retirement from the world of interpretation. Ten years later, less than a month before his 50th birthday, Diaz has just announced his comeback. He will do it in the Netflix movie Back in action (Back to action), where he will share a cast with Jamie Foxx.

Foxx himself was responsible for Diaz being back after his last role in 2014, which was a version of himself annie Foxx shared a phone call with the actress that lasted less than a minute on Twitter, revealing that she is pregnant. “Thanks for the call. I’m very concerned. I’m going up the walls,” Diaz replied upon answering the call, “I don’t know how to do that, do I?”

Also joining the conversation is Tom Brady, a professional NFL player. The reason? Brady withdrew from the league only to return there 40 days later, so Foxx figured he could help him with that. “I spoke to Jamie and he said you needed some advice on coming out of retirement,” jokes Brady. “I’m relatively successful at not retiring.”

Diaz and Foxx have a good relationship after playing together any Sunday, by Oliver Stone, in 1999. At the time, the actress was 27 and he was 32. They’ve been friends ever since, and now Diaz has thanked his partner for his dedication. “Jamie Foxx only you could get me back in action!!! I can’t wait any longer, it’s going to be awesome!” Diaz wrote on Instagram.

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Few details of the film are still known, but it is expected to be a comedy directed by Seth Gordon and written by Brendan O’Brien. Production will begin later this year, although a release date is not in sight. After spending time with her daughter and several years involved in other ventures like her organic wine brand, it remains to be seen if Diaz will be able to repeat herself as one of the most recognized actresses in the industry like she was in 2000 with movies like Something is happening to Mary either Charlie’s Angel.

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