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Calviño regrets the “anti-European” criticism of some political representatives of the energy saving plan


He defends that the measures are “much lighter and less intrusive” than those of other European countries such as Italy or Germany


First Vice-President and Minister for Economy and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño, has criticized the “anti-European” and unsupportive statements made by “some political representatives” on the energy saving plan adopted by the Council of Ministers this week.

“The statements made by some political representatives who are anti-European, anti-solidarity and anti-unity, I think are not going in the right direction and are not understood by the citizens,” said the vice-president in an interview program ‘Al Rojo Vivo’ on La Sexta, collected by Europe Press.

In the face of criticism from “some political representatives” such as the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Calviño has defended this first package of measures approved by the Council of Ministers, which will be followed by another in September, with the aim of “taking a stronger position against Putin and his energy blackmail”.

He also stressed that the package approved by the Spanish government includes measures that are “much lighter, less intrusive and with less economic impact” than those of other European countries such as Italy or Germany.


Regarding the plan, the Vice President has also defended that he considers the necessary exceptions in labor matters and respects the protections of occupational hazards. In other words, according to Calviño, the regulations are adapted to the specific needs of workplaces, in full compliance with the regulations on protection against occupational risks.

“Wherever possible, it is logical to have thermostats with a minimum of 19 degrees and a maximum of 27 degrees, which are comfortable temperatures that the vast majority of us can work at,” he stressed.

“Relatively favourable” energy situation

All in all, the Vice-President has kept Spain in a relatively favorable energy position given the country’s independence from Russian gas, diversification of supplies and storage capacity. “We can become a kind of logistics center for gas distribution for the rest of Europe,” said the Vice President.

In addition, Calviño has assured that the competitiveness of Spanish industry is benefiting from the measures taken by the government, such as the gas cap or subsidies for the sectors most affected by price increases.

“The average price of the Spanish wholesale market is three to four times lower than the wholesale price of France, Germany or Italy,” emphasized the economy minister. For this reason, he has insisted that “it is time to flex our shoulders and show solidarity” with the rest of the European countries.


Source europapress.es

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