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Buy PS5 from Otto: This is the current situation at the online retailer from Hamburg

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August 02, 2022 at 09:25

You can also buy the PS5 from Otto. Recently, however, it was pretty quiet around the dealership. It is possible that a decline will take place again in August.

The PlayStation 5 is regularly offered at Otto.

When it comes to buying a PS5, Otto has often proven to be a reliable place for regular deliveries. The console is offered again and again in the online store. There could also be a drop this week.

The situation as of August 2

09:00: After Otto was able to offer the PS5 almost every week in June, things have been eerily quiet for the past few weeks. Is Otto preparing for another drop? A quiet week has also historically been a sign of impending selling.

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This theory would also fit with the fact that retailers often offer the PS5 more frequently at the beginning of the month than, say, in the middle of a month. We encourage you to keep an eye out for Otto these days. If a sale takes place, it will most likely take place without warning.

Subsidiary of Otto

Not only Otto, but also the subsidiaries Baur and myToys. The latter in particular has been increasingly offered by the PS5 in recent weeks.

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Also download the MyToys app for your android Where iPhone down so you don’t miss any offers. This particular dealer often sells the console exclusively in this way.

Accessories at Otto

To bridge the waiting time, you can get the right accessories and games for the PS5 from Otto before buying the console.

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To increase your chances of getting the PS5, you shouldn’t ignore other retailers either. In our PS5 Insider, we keep tabs on all the contenders and tell you where you have the best chance of getting the console.

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