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Buy Otto’s Galaxy Watch 5 (Pro): 150 euro bonus for smartwatch pre-orders



August 10, 2022 at 6:00 p.m.

You can buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro from Otto. There is also a huge bonus of 150 euros for pre-orders.

Samsung’s new line of smartwatches will go on sale on August 26. You can already pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 pro, including at Otto. If you decide to buy before release, you’ll receive a £150 Google Play credit as a thank you – so it’s worth it.

at Buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (Bluetooth).*


at Otto Buy the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro (LTE).*


The Galaxy Watch 5 is available in 40 and 44 millimeter sizes. Prices start at 299 and 329 euros for the Bluetooth version. If you want to buy the smartwatch with LTE, you will have to pay 349 or 379 euros.

Galaxy Watch 5 Pro with longer battery life, more features and titanium case is only available in 45mm version. It costs from 469 euros in the Bluetooth version and from 519 euros in the LTE version.

The Galaxy Watch 5 is available in Graphite, Rose Gold, and Silver, while the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is available in Titanium Black and Titanium Gray.

Variants available from Otto

At Samsung itself, you can also get the Galaxy Watch 5 in a so-called custom version. Size, color and strap can be freely configured here. This is not possible with Otto, and Otto currently only offers the Pro version of the smartwatch.

Current offers at Otto

In addition to this current highlight, there are of course many other Otto offers where you save money. Below, we show you the current best offers in the technology sector.

How often do you order from Otto? Then you should take a closer look at the mail order company’s flat rate delivery. Are you a new customer? You then benefit from the new customer discount on your first order. You can find that and everything important about financing, payment methods and returning products in the linked article.

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