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Buy or pre-order the PS5: You can easily get the console from these retailers

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August 04, 2022 at 08:12

Buying a PS5 has gotten much easier since early June. However, you need to know which dealers you should go to. We give you an overview.

The PS5 is still on sale at many retailers, so it’s easier to get hold of than ever. You can find out which vendors you need to watch out for today, August 4, and how the PS5 situation is developing in our insider.

PS5 ticker

The latest reports on Sony’s PlayStation 5 availability. Learn more about the current situation here.

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At these retailers, you currently have the best chance of getting a PS5. Warning: The number of consoles in each drop is currently very low.

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With the right tips and tricks, you can get one of the most coveted next-gen consoles that much easier. We’ll also show you which alternative providers and raffles you can still find what you’re looking for.

The August 4 ticker

08:10: Today is a good day to buy a PS5. We have several contact points for you where you can buy the coveted console. Including Kaufland. The retailer is currently offering the PlayStation itself at a reasonable price. In recent months, it has also happened that third parties use the store for sale and demand exorbitant prices. If you find an offer that exceeds 750 euros, you should keep your hands clear.

at Kaufland look for ps5 deals*


Kaufland isn’t conventional enough for you and you don’t want to wait for your PS5? Then you should go to a branch of Media Markt or Saturn. Both retailers are currently announcing on social media that the console is immediately available in many markets. The Horizon Forbidden West bundle comes with the game Gran Turismo 7.

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In all likelihood, the prices here are much fairer than in Kaufland. If you want to be absolutely sure that a branch near you has the PS5 in stock, we recommend calling ahead. In some markets, it may also happen that you can only pre-order the console at this time.

at Saturn Find a branch near you*


at MediaMarkt Find a branch near you*


At the smaller Alternate online store, you can currently get the PS5 in a big bundle with the Horizon games Forbidden West and Returnal, along with a second controller and a Logitech G435 LIGHTSPEED headset. You pay 809 euros for the package.

at alternates Buy a PS5 bundle*


Otto is another retailer that may offer the PS5 later this week. Small quotas are sold there almost every week. As soon as there is a deposit at a retailer, we will notify you immediately in this ticker.

Opportunities at two dealerships (local)

With retailers like GameStop and Expert, it’s currently worth heading to branches near you if you want to pick up a PS5. The last few weeks have shown that Sony’s deliveries are often sold directly in the markets. There have been no online sales in recent weeks.

at GameStop Store search*


at Expert Store search*


Just stop by the nearest branch and talk to the staff. Alternatively, you can call the market in advance. With Expert, you can also be put on a waiting list.

Better odds with small traders?

After the PS5 has been sold in large numbers at large retailers, small suppliers are always interesting. Every once in a while there is a little drop in the game cave. Euronics is also considered a hot contender.

at Euronic buy ps5*


at play cave Check out the PS5 deals*


More hot drop candidates

The big wave of PS5 sales in recent weeks has also been noticeable on platforms such as eBay and Amazon Marketplace. Supply is currently higher than it has been for a long time. Thus, resellers are forced to lower their prices. However, we advise caution when buying a console this way. Be sure to check out the vendors.

at eBay Buy PS5 Disc Edition*


One reason for the console shortage is now known: Sony shipped fewer PS5s in the first quarter of the year than ever before. You can find out why in the linked article.

Console permanently available at E for SIMPLE

If you really want a PS5 and still want to switch electricity or gas providers, you can get the console from E for SIMPLE. There you will receive it as a bonus for a new contract. There are only 249 euros as an additional payment. Along with the console, you also get PS Plus for a year and the Horizon Forbidden West game.

at And how easy it is Order the PS5 Bundle*


Could it also be another console? If you sign up for a mobile phone contract with O2, you will receive an Xbox Series S with 512 gigabytes of storage space. The price depends on the plan you choose. On average, however, you pay around 30 euros per month.

at O2 Xbox Series S with mobile phone contract*


Console pricing offers consoles

Another way to directly purchase a PS5 is through console pricing. The retailer offers the PS5, but at 999.99 euros, it calls a price that could also come from a scalper on eBay. This is the disc version and the console is sold and shipped by the store itself.

at console price buy ps5*


Used PS5 from AsGoodAsNew and ReBuy

If a used PS5 is enough for you, you can buy the console at ReBuy. However, the prices there are currently rather unreasonable. Depending on the optical condition, you pay 739 euros to 799 euros for the disc version and 719 euros to 789 euros for the digital edition. New consoles are currently cheaper on eBay.

at Repurchase buy ps5*


AsGoodAsNew also offers you again and again used consoles in good condition. However, the prices are also quite high at this dealer. The currently available offers start at 699 euros.

at As good as new buy ps5*


Buy PS5 in Switzerland or Austria

The situations in Austria and Switzerland are comparable to those in Germany: the console is sold out very quickly, both online and offline. You also have the best chances there in the relevant online shops.

Top 5 stores in Austria

Top 5 stores in Switzerland

Buy PS5 on Amazon Spain, Italy, France or United Kingdom

Of course, you can also look beyond national borders to see if you want to buy a PS5 overseas. If you wanna do that focus on Amazon and only buy consoles sold and shipped by Amazon.

The PS5 Insider appears daily and is constantly updated. As soon as PS5s are available somewhere, we’ll let you know immediately in our PS5 guide. At the same time, we will keep you informed in the individual articles of the retailers.

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