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Bundeswehr officer released after finding weapons and radioactive material

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A Bundeswehr officer arrested in October, on whom radioactive material was found in addition to weapons, is free again. That’s what a spokeswoman for the Frankfurt public prosecutor’s office said after Monday’s detention review date. The man had been in custody since the raid in Aldenhoven, in the Düren district of North Rhine-Westphalia.

“Der Spiegel” had already written on Friday, citing the authorities, that the investigations did not yield any indication of attack plans. Rather, the captain, who participated in explosive ordnance analysis on official duty, was found to have a “fervent passion for collecting, bordering on addictive behavior.”

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During the raid in mid-October, investigators discovered a cache of weapons with weapons of war: firearms, grenades, hand grenades and mines. They also found radioactive strontium-90 and other substances and chemicals. As the “Spiegel” reported on Friday, according to the prosecution, the man had “confessed as far as possible.” He took the low-radiation radioactive material “from calibration devices for commercial use.” the

Most of the weapons seized came from other collectors, and the chemicals “mostly from drugstore and lab liquidations.”

The Frankfurt prosecutor’s office is responsible for the case because customs had intercepted a package with silencers at the airport that the agent wanted to send to the United States. Therefore, the authorities initiated proceedings and obtained a search warrant. (dpa)

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